Every day we use a huge amount of things and have almost ceased to notice them. But it turns out in the production of minor things at first glance hides a lot of interesting and informative. Entertainment “Conveyor MK” reveals the secrets of making the most ordinary things at first glance. Today’s program: CEMENT.



Cement is the Foundation of any construction process. This material is relatively inexpensive, and strength qualities inspire respect and allow the use of this building material are very wide. It is actively used for the manufacture of various concrete and mortars. If there is talk about large volumes of work, he can satisfy any requests.

Actively used as one of the components of the plaster. Typically, this exterior stucco work. Cement is a General concept, has a group of binders, having a powdery structure. This group includes virtually all known types of cement: Portland cement, aluminous, slag Portland cement, etc.

The basis of the rapid hardening cement includes a variety of mineral supplements that promote a more rapid hardening of the grouts. It differs from other high-strength qualities. The most actively used in various types of construction works of the brand – four hundred and five hundred.

Aluminous cement is inherent in the increased release of heat in the first days of hardening. This expanding cement. To obtain a mixture of high-alumina blast furnace slag and gypsum. The main feature is the ability to increase in volume during the curing.

Sulphate resistant cements are those that after curing turns into a colored stone. This stone is resistant to the aggression of sulphate environment.

Pozzolanic cement. This species is able to harden even in the liquid environment. It is the most waterproof, but also has considerable resistance to frost. But most prefer to buy the usual Portland cement and white Portland cement. By the way, when you add dyes, it is possible to obtain material suitable for decorative works.

Cement is applied in the composition of concrete and other mixtures. It is used due to its astringent properties. Concrete mixes can have their own characteristics, which include target and qualitative characteristics of cement. These characteristics directly depend on the species, which is part of the concrete.

Cement is considered a mineral material, as for it getting used rocks and products of weathering. He has a fundamental difference from the other binders (gypsum, lime), which harden only in air, or in a different environment, after began to harden in the air.

Has a fairly wide scope, because it can be used not only as an integral part of concrete and concrete. Used for the construction of the so-called structural elements, expressed in the form of walls, slabs etc. For plastering waterproofing, laying tiles or flooring on a solid basis, it is necessary. The composition should be determined according to the required purpose.

Depending on the material composition can be divided into the following types:

  • Portland cement. This cement does not contain mineral additives. Its use is most often associated with the manufacture of monolithic, precast concrete structures.
  • Portland cement with additives. This cement contains up to 20-25% of mineral additives. It is widely used in monolithic and precast concrete structures. It is used in the production of concrete (monolithic) floors. This cement is used when carrying out waterproofing and finishing works.
  • Portland slag cement. This type of cement involves more than 20-25% of the granulated slag. This type of cement is used for massive concrete structures. In the individual construction of this type of cement is almost never used.

Like any other material, it has its price, which depends on various factors. Sometimes you just need to know all these factors.

Factors that affect the price:

  • Marking of cement is a very important factor affecting the price. In this case, the higher the grade, the more expensive it will cost the cement.
  • Form of sale is the factor that does not depend on the quality of cement. The fact that the loose cement is cheaper than cement, Packed in bags.
  • The presence of special additives also affects the formation of the cost of cement. The less additives in the cement, the cheaper it will cost.

The concept of mark is used to denote the strength of a particular cement. Of course, the more durable qualities of cement, the better it is. Also the higher the grade, the stronger it will be. There are several brands that are quite popular.

These include 300, 400 and 500 marks. It should be remembered that since the addition of water and before it solidifies must be at least 45 minutes and not more than 10 hours.

It is very important


  • The cement, like any product, there is the warranty period. Upon delivery of the rapid-hardening cement in the container, the warranty period of storage is 45 days from the date of shipment. For other cements delivered in containers, the warranty period is 60 days. If rapid hardening cement is delivered in bulk, then the warranty period is 45 days from receipt of the goods by the consumer. For all other cements are delivered in bulk, this period is 60 days.
  • It is necessary to avoid mixing of cements having different types of brands. It is also important to prevent contamination of cement adulteration.
  • During storage, it should be protected from effects of moisture, which can spoil its structure. In order to deal with it effectively, you should pack a bag of cement in plastic.