Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 2

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 2Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 2 – a miniature copy of the legendary DJI Phantom quadrocopter, has no analogues in its class. The best engineers of the famous company proudly presented model, at small sizes has a number of features previously available only for the serious techniques of the professional level. The Galaxy Visitor 2 has functions such as hold the direction of flight, regardless of the spatial position and automatic return. Because of this quadcopter is not only simple and affordable for beginners – every pilot will appreciate the ability to save models with a complete loss of spatial orientation. Now at a great distance, You can easily capture footage! You like a spectacular night flights? An elaborate illuminated housing ensures excellent readability in the dark.

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The planetary Rovers

Planetary RoversIn annually conducted by our magazine national competition “Cosmos” among the many models fantasies occupy a significant place different kinds of self-propelled tools “planetary Rovers”. According to young technicians, they are indispensable transport in the study of nearby planets the astronauts.

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MEET: I AM A ROBOT Perhaps in the near future when the new spacecraft will go to the moon, Venus or Mars in the Arsenal of the astronauts will be robots who will come first to the planet’s surface to conduct scientific researches, to perform simple welding and Assembly work. So I decided the guys from the mug space simulation Sumy city station of young technicians and build a similar robot with their hands.

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SOUND CONTROLS THE MODELYou obviously had to read about the models driven by sound signals. Receptor, which we offer to the reader reacts to an audio signal of a certain strength. The source may be, for example, a whistle, a whistle or sound a special transmitter commands. Equipped with this instrument model is performing in any sequence the commands: “forward”, “back”, “left”, “right”. The cessation of the audio signal or decrease it to a certain level is causing the stop model (stop). Here’s how the device works.

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MINI AND TURNY PATROLThe dream of many guys who build model ships to create a ship, very similar to any real prototype. While it would be good to compete with him. Offer a good model of English search and patrol boats RAF 340, made on a scale of 1:42,7 according to the requirements of the popular class EX. A small twin-shaft vehicle of the second world war, he participated in search and rescue of downed or in distress over the sea pilots, reflecting the attacks of German aviation to the UK. The ship speeds up to 45 knots.


NEW CLASS: RADIOLOGYMany quite rightly believe that automobilism is one of the most exciting and spectacular forms of diverse technical activities. Here you can find a lot of sharply differing from other classes of models, including, it seems, the whole conceivable spectrum of interests of athletes and fans of all ages. However, in automodelisme there is a continuous development. Today, we are talking about a completely new class of RC — “Buggy-8D”, which in Russia is more than short. The first official information about it was entered the Central self-similar club in edition of changes and additions to the rules of the competition for the self-similar sport at the end of 1993. In the same year took place in Tambov and the first “booster”, the championship of Russia in the new class. Participated athletes using exclusively machine-handmade. Unfortunately, the result of these competitions was due to poor weather conditions is almost zero.


RC10L RACING TURNSIn the Russian self-similar sports, as worldwide, the most popular class of RC 10L. RC little micro-car is equipped with a motor of the type “Mabuchi-540” and the battery pack of the six elements. Control occurs through two channels — the turn of the front wheels and speed control of the motor. Competitions are held on the track, marked side; it can be fitted inside (in the hangar, hall, indoor stadium) and the outdoors. Body patterns repeat! real racing car in scale 1:10.


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RC model car-road type buggies are increasingly present in the pages of specialized magazines for modelers and for good reason. The popularity of radio-buggy is growing steadily; apparently, these models will have more admirers than RC racing “formulas”. The reason is simple: for radiology not need specialized tracks with high quality coating, it is quite usual “primer”, supplemented by artificial obstacles.

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