Time closeup (1);

On the instructions of Lenin (2);

L. Davydov. The father of the “Russian tractor” (2);

Steel Pahari land of the Soviets (3);

A. Larionov. Sailor, scientist, Modeler (5);

“Gangut” – “October revolution” (7);

R. Yarov. The way is open (11);

Revolution squadron (12);

Yuri Stolyarov. Art school: here is tempered steel! (16);

The right-flank (18);

Small clapboard (21);

M. Negritoski. Exhibition of young artists (21);

M. Sorokin. Link La fifth (22);

P. Polish. The word hams (23);

V. Latyshev. Fire generators (25);

E. Muslin. Attack speed (26);

I. Podkolzin. Four-wheeled friend (28);

V. Egorov, G. Malinowski. The design of the little micro-car (30);

Yu. A. Bekhterev. Depot life (32);

V. Kulikov. Relay generations (34);

G. Reznichenko. Winged master of sport (38);

V. Masik. Persistence wins (40);

V. Golovin. “Micron” (41);

Club home designers (42);

The designs of our readers (43);

Advice to the modeller (44);

At our latitude (46).
COVER: 1-4. – V. Galati, 2, V. Katanova and Y. Yegorov, 3-I – P. Chernysheva, and N. Zakharkevich.
TAB: 1 photo of Yuri Yegorov, I. Zakharevich, 2-3-I – MONTAZH, Lesage. 4-I p. – V. Brune.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1967-11 PDF (download)