GARDEN CAPITALAfter the construction of cottage or garden house, as a rule, there remains a lot of unused construction material suitable for auxiliary facilities on the site.
For example, the remaining timber can be used for making stationary, capital bench. One of the variants of such design offers the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster”. Everything in it is “solid”, massive; this bench is not afraid of any bad weather, will last a long time, especially if it is not installed on the ground, and on asphalt or tile a cement pad somewhere in a cozy corner of the house wall.

All main parts of the benches are made of lumber thickness up to 70 mm, therefore, besides hand saws you will need and a disk saw.

Bench with timber

Shop from a bar:

1 – leg are paired;

2 – drawer side;

3 – Nagel;

4 – screw pins (4 PCs.);

5 – block seats (2 PCs.);
6 – screw (8 PCs.)

Paired (for redundancy) rack-the legs of the bench are connected to pins (with glue) of the workpieces size mm. 335x175x70 Each pairing stands is top notch at the notched side-bar trapezoidal shape, which are also paired. All four of them, each propisyvaetsya turned to the rack return groove, and the opposite side is drilled a number of holes. Central of them through – for fastening rails to the furniture screw to the leg; next to him, the deaf – under plug-in round thorns for connection with the respective rail seat; the two extreme pass-through under the screws fixing to the seat.

Sawing groove in carge hand hacksaw Connecting with the side-bar leg furniture screw Preparation of pins for connection with power seats

The seat consists of two blocks, each of which is going on the pins (with glue) of three bruskov section 70×70 mm and a length of 1525 mm.

Harvesting all parts of the bench before Assembly, carefully processed with a plane and sandpaper, or the edge of the broken glass, and then covered with several layers of a furniture varnish or oil paints.


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