WATER To have in the house mansion year-round water system and the more automatic is the dream of any host, it does not have. Of course, building with this purpose, a water tower and to drill a deep artesian wells, hardly anyone of them is ready. Yes, this currently, and no need is created by other systems, and quite compact and different performance. Such supplies made in, say, Italy or Spain, sold in all cities and even major towns of Russia. However, their price is higher than the average (by her I mean the purchasing power of the middle class, to which the vast majority of Russians don’t even come close).

But the workman of the person lack of funds can not be forced to abandon the right, the farm equipment, but only prompts for the creation of his own hands, setting before the need to conjecture the structure of the machine — in fact disassemble it in the store for this one will not allow it.

So my life is made to make an automatic water supply at home and the infield with all the economy with their hands.

It consists of two main parts: a water source and pressure setting.

The basis of the water supply system is, of course, the source is the well shaft with concrete rings with a diameter of 1 m. I did it for a long time, but the water got a bucket using the pump only in the summer for watering plants.

The depth of the well does not really matter — in fact all modern appliances and submersible pumps provide lift water from depths up to 50 m, but necessarily need to reach the aquifer (not just groundwater). But the volume (stock) of water in the well must be greater than the capacity of the pressure tank—after all the debits (inflow of water) into the well may be less than pump output. “Dry” submersible pumps can not work—they will inevitably burn up because the injected water is for them and the cooling fluid.

The scheme of water supply of the manor house

The scheme of water supply of the manor house:

1 — mine wells (concrete rings Ш1000); 2—stairs (steel angle 25×25,2); 3 – water 4 — stone sketch; 5 — submersible pump (vibrating type): 6 coupling (rubber hose, 2 PCs); 7 — inlet pipe (1/2″); 8—a wall of the underground (concrete); 9— water; 10—wiring limit switch; 11—inlet of water in building (pipe 1/2″); 12 — floor, 13 — wall of scrap; 14—insulated house well, Board insulation; 15 — pump cable (2-conductor, insulated); 16 — cable household outlet


Water system domestic water supply


Water system domestic water supply

Water system domestic water supply (pipes and fittings—1/2″):

1—inlet pipe; 2—valve: 3 — eviction; 4 — square; 5 input; 6 — an arm; 7 — manometer; 8-threaded spigot (clutch); 9 – fastening the cover to the flange (bolt M8 8 PCs); 10 – a cover (steel sheet s); 11 —a tip of the arm (rubber tube); 12 — limit switch (MIC 1211); 13 -plate-bracket limit switch (steel sheet s); 14—diaphragm (reinforced rubber, s7); 15 — a flange; 16 — a collar; 17 — M10 nut and washer for fastening the lever to the diaphragm and float to the lever (4 set); 18 — the outlet; 19-valve; 20—water drain in the house; 21—consumables-storage tank (stainless steel, sheet s2): 22 – foot tank (stainless steel, sheet s2, 4 pieces); 23 float (PVC)


Emergency the well can be used in a traditional manual mode, raising the water by means of the gate, the drum and the cable bucket. But in three years of operation of the system I have has not happened. However, sometimes there is a power outage.

Over a well arranged house, the mouth is constantly closed the lid, and in the “depths of winter” above-ground part of the mine the old insulated quilted jacket.

The diversion of water from the well is domestic submersible pump, vibrating, “the Kid” (you can use others like him: “spring”, “Agidel”, etc.). The pump is lowered into the shaft (in water) almost all its depth but does not reach the bottom at 200 — 300 mm that was not soaked up which has settled on it the suspended particles.

The outlet of the pump connected to the inlet (pump) pipe orifice 1/2 through the rubber clutch hose (to attenuate vibration). Coupling attached to the pipe and pipe clamps. The inlet pipe goes through the wall of the mine pit and is in the ground below the maximum frost penetration to the expenditure-cumulative water Baku, located in the underground house and is the basis of the water installation. Next to the pipe is laid and feed pump seal the electrical cable.

With the introduction of the tank (the same tube 1/3″) inlet pipe connected via a shut-off valve and one clutch hose. The injection pipe is lowered into the tank almost to its bottom.

Tank is located, as mentioned, in the underground home. I have it (underground) is also buried more than two meters, since it also performs functions of the cellar. But that is not mandatory under the residential house is always heated positive temperature.

Initial (

Initial (“flask”) is a variant of the pressure device (fittings and rough — 1/2″):

1—water drain in the house; 2 — inlet hose; 3—manometer; 4 — tee; 5 —sleeves; 6 – valve; 7 — inlet pipe; 8 expenditure-cumulative capacity (40-liter flask); 9 — holder (2 PCs); 10 subframe (area 35×35); 11 -valve; 12 input; 13—cover (stainless steel, sheet s5); 14—mount caps (bolt M8, 8 PCs.); 15 — gasket (rubber with fabric, sheet s6); 16 bracket brace (area 30×30, 8pcs); 17 brace (steel strip 30×3); 18 —limit switch; 19 portal (30×30 area); 20 front limit switch (25×25 area); 21 —shock absorber (from moped); 22 —frame spar (tube sh25, 2); 23 — cross member of the frame (area 35×35, 2 PCs.)

Tank — cylindrical shape and is welded from a sheet of stainless and blackened steel with a thickness of 2 mm. Installed on he welded thereto at the legs podsypali steel sheet as the floor podwave although concrete, but thin. The tank capacity is about 150 L. the greater the volume, the less will trigger the limit switch, and hence involved in the operation of the pump. As practice shows, the duration of operation of electric devices and equipment (including well pumps) is in inverse proportion to the number of starts.

Limit switch brand ВПК1211 installed on the cap cover tank. It is triggered from the action of the lever with float made of PVC (like the one in the toilet tank). The lever is also fixed in the neck of the tank, but the diaphragm is made of reinforced rubber with a thickness of 7 mm. end of the lever extends through the Central hole in the cap and on him wearing a rubber tube.

In the side wall of the tank, near its bottom, embedded and welded to the outlet-fitting, which through a valve connected to a bypass pipe through which the water comes into the house and other farm buildings. Conditional pass of a pipe, pipe And valve — 1/2″.

The system works in the following way. The interaction of the lever with a float adjusted so that when selecting the water from the tank up to half the action of the tip lever on the limit switch stops. The electrical circuit supplying the pump is closed and the pump starts pumping water until until the water fills most of the volume of the tank. The pressure in the air tank increases to 2-2. 2 atmosphere, and the float rises and forces the end of the lever to influence the final switch which opens the circuit and stops the pump.


The selection process of water takes place automatically. When you open the house or business premises of a hydrant. water under pressure air contained inside the tank, rises and enters POTREBITEL. When water consumption to half tank again, pump turns on and replenishes the tank.

In the event of a power failure of the pump water flow from the tank can be carried out almost until it is fully emptied when the air pressure in the tank will be equal to 0.5 ATM. The loss of water from the tank into the well prevents check valve installed before the opening of the pipe.

In the manufacture of the system with their hands the cost compared to brand, decreases in the order, while maintaining the same consumer qualities.

This story about the water installation to finish. But I would like to note that popeneciu lifting unit, I had another — as rechtsanwaelte capacity I used lactic 40-liter flask, the remaining from “the farm”. The lack of capacity was observed only in the fact that when a large flow of water came frequent on-off pump, which is undesirable. However, with a small consumption is a good thing: the water will not stagnate.

The flask was modified. With the neck removed regular cover with elements of its fastening and latch. The neck was belted with a tight bandage from a steel strip having welded overlapping the ends. The bandage at intervals welded brackets from eight sections of the area.

Water systemFurther, the stainless steel sheet 5 mm thick cut out the new cover, put it on the neck and at the same time it and the horizontal shelves of angles drilled hole with a diameter of 8.5 mm. in the lid I drilled three holes—two with a diameter of 22.5 mm (one for the intake tube and the other for the gauge) and one with a diameter of 8 mm (nipple pumping pressure). The cover was manufactured and the ring seal for her of rubber-fabric sheet with a thickness of 6 mm.

The flask was mounted on a suspension subframe attached to a rigid frame on one side directly to it, and on the other through the isolator. To attach the upper end of the shock absorber had to take the subframe to weld another portal, which is used as a lever of the limit switch installed at a separate Desk, is also welded to the frame.

After mounting the gauge, the valve and the pipe entering the lid through the spacer bolts M8 tight privernuli brackets brace.

For a more accurate definition of the place of the limit switch at the front of the flask is filled two thirds with water in this position, the portal presses on the roller of the switch and opens the circuit supplying the pump.

The principle of “flask” pressure system is no different from the “tank”. She has served me flawlessly until replaced a year and a half.

A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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