LIKE MASONLove your magazine and want to share with readers his “invention”. A similar device was published in the magazine, but mine is more versatile. And took it when I had to lay down a brick oven in the bath.
Mason I bad, and the bricks were high quality and beautiful, it was a sin to put it in some way. So was born the fixture, designed to help accurately place the mortar between the bricks is smoothly and without too much dirt.

I made it from a flat keyway rod 8×6 mm (you can use a metal rod of circular cross-section), arching across the width, length and height of the brick and United by welding. Impose this kind of the conductor and on top of it – the mortar, leveling with a trowel. The result is a neat seam, and even brick on the sides is clean. Only need to periodically monitor plumb and level masonry horizontally and vertically.


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