GARDEN SUITECozy outdoor lounge area includes benches, table and flower boxes. It not only will decorate any garden, but will become a center of family recreation, a place of intimate conversations and evening entertaining.
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There is no doubt that the majority of urban residents weekends I prefer to spend outdoors. Those who have a garden plot, you may be interested in the proposed magazine “Mechanics illustrated” kind of set, which is the most convenient place in a quiet area.
It consists of two comfortable benches (straight or horseshoe-shaped), a small table and four podtsvetochniki — boxes for decorative plants. In collecting the whole set is a beautifully framed by green common area. Its advantages include ease of fabrication, robustness, adequate capacity, attractive appearance and comfort. In good weather you will probably prefer to dine or to receive guests here, and not in the house. If it starts raining, you won’t have to hastily log in home furniture.
Benches and boxes for plants are installed, if not permanently, then at least for the entire summer season; the base of the table is stationary. Horseshoe form one of the benches and the square shape of the table make it available for a sufficient number of guests, while between the table and straight bench maintained the necessary gap for the passage. Elegant appearance the kit gives varnishing of all wood, pre-polished parts and facing the base of the table and adjacent areas of ceramic tile.
For the manufacture of the kit will require 15 to 20 mm plywood or other solid sheet material and pine boards, treated with water-resistant composition.
Horseshoe bench
Before you make it, you will have to take on triangular boxes for the greenery provided in the corners of a horseshoe-shaped bench. Because unlike square these boxes are not separate items, and are along with a bench of a single node. So on the vertical panels of the boxes will require a more durable material — Board thickness up to 20 mm. All vertical posts are made of boards 50X100 mm and are reinforced in the corners drawer panels with V-groove (similar to the connecting legs of the square boxes). After the adhesive Assembly of the panels is contractible to the complete drying of the adhesive rope or wire, attach a plywood bottom with drainage holes. Then use the boxes installed between the Central panel and horizontal bars triangular boxes together, and then start making the bench.
A horseshoe-shaped bench.
Horseshoe-shaped bench:
1 — piping (block 30X100CM mm), 2, 3 — plank wall, 4 — front, 5 — the bottom of the box green, 6 — reference Lapa bench, 7 — stand, 8 — trim seat (Board thickness 40 mm).
The main load on the bench perceive six support frames, each of which is assembled from four boards section 50X100 mm. of the same bars are made the seats of the benches, and edging boxes.
Video bench
For its production will also require the boards 50X100 mm. the Base will also serve as two vertical frame consisting of three bars with a sawed grooves in them — DCA fixing of the sheathing boards of the seat and backrest. The bonding adhesive.
Video bench.
Video bench:
1 — plating the seat and backrest (Board thickness 40 mm), 2, 4 — piping (block 30X100CM mm), 3 — front backrest, 5 — leg.
The base table is laid out with twelve concrete blocks with dimensions 100X200X450 mm, joined with cement mortar, and then is coated with ceramic tiles. Cover-top form a 4 bar section of 50X100 mm and a length of 965 mm, stacked angled glue joint in the frame, inside of which with a small clearance set straps, which, in fact, form the plane of the table.
1 — the table top in bars 30Х100 mm, 2 — frame countertops, 3 — concrete blocks 100Х200Х450 mm, 4 — ceramic tile.
Boxes green
For the manufacture of two such boxes that are installed on either side of a straight bench, you will need 15-mm plywood. Going to the box with waterproof glue and nails, preferably oxidized. Corner of box beams (legs) are made of pine boards with a cross section of 50X100 mm. For fixing in the middle of each bar carry out longitudinal V-neck pairs with an angle of 90° and a depth of 20 mm. to Obtain such a groove is easy with a simple fixture on a circular saw. After the installation of the boards glued strips of triangular cross-section to strengthen the joint between two plywood side walls (inner side of the box). Then at the top of the drawer sets frame boards section 30Х100 mm. the Boards forming the bottom are fixed in the groove on the walls of the box. To move the drawer bottom, you can install furniture caster wheels.
Sliding drawer for plants.
Sliding drawer for plants:
1 — strip (plank triangular cross-section), 2 — side wall (plywood, 15 mm thick), 3 legs (bar 50X100 mm), 4 — furniture wheel, 5 — decorative groove, 6 — frame (block 30Х100 mm), 7 — plank the bottom.
Hanging flower box.
Hanging flower box:
1 — hook, 2 — wall, 3, 4 — decorative rods, 5 — drawer bottom with holes.
Final finishing of surfaces of parts in the kit is the careful sanding and rounding of sharp edges, followed by coating a solid parquet varnish. To prevent damage to the plywood boxes from exposure to soil and moisture inner surface to better close the plastic sheets.
To make full use of the material from the remnants of the plywood sheets can be made hanging flower boxes and fasten them to the wall.
According to the magazine “Mechanics illustrated”, USA

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