WATER IN THE WHEELS...Original and practical design vinnichina Oleg Ostapenko A. obviously liking the readers of our magazine. After the transfer of the Central television “you can” in which the editorial Board takes an active part, and the publication of “Panorama” some of the technologies that Amateur constructor in our mailroom received many queries about the features of these machines. That is why in number 4 of the journal for this year, we have placed the description and drawings of two-wheel tractor-tug, and now provide page numbers for story of a three-wheeled tractor-wagon, adapted for operation in complex terrain.
Most importantly, perhaps, what distinguishes all of my machines — ability to operate in rough terrain. And on the site, and beyond — along the trails, far from the well-worn roads, where our technology, as you know, the way the Tsapatagh. They have to work often on the steep slopes almost to 25°.
Fig. 1. General view of the frame with the units of running gear
Fig. 1. General view of the frame with the nodes of the chassis:
1 — bellcrank steering, 2 — adjustable tie rod, 3, 26 — steering levers, 4,14 — absorbers, 5 — fork-wheel 6 — fork suspension, 7 — body suspension axles, 8, 24 and side thrust, 9 — eyes 10 — the tie rods M12, 11, 17, half of the pendulous fork, 12 — tow-bracket, 13 — pin towing and 15 rear plate, 16 — bracket shock absorbers, 18 — a block of sprockets of the intermediate shaft 19, the brackets the engine mounts, 20 — step, 21, the lower beam 22 is the upper beam, 23 — column with a steering shaft 25 is fixed the tie rod 27 — tie bar, 28 — headstock bulldozer of a knife.

That’s why my three-wheeled tractor-truck, which will be discussed here, has the properties of the vehicle. Its front steer wheels of the scooter and the rear, leading — generalist pneumatic the size of 450X250 mm. Provided with a grouser — Ionian SKOV 48 steel 40 mm high, located on the lid in four rows in a staggered manner — it provides excellent grip even with wet soil.
Fig. 2. The frame with drive units and suspension rear wheels.
Fig. 2. The frame with drive units and suspension rear wheels.
Suspension of all wheels — an independent, six spring-hydraulic shock absorbers. Therefore, the driver does not shake on potholes. Moreover, his “cavalry” seat (it’s the best that you can think of for this car, its shape, perfected over the centuries, very comfortable and well captures the body) also has an independent suspension with the same shock.
To increase lateral stability and enhance grip with the ground during camera wheel flooded with water (up to 85% of their volume), followed there by air to 1 kgf/cm2 in the front and up to 3 NGS/cm2 in the rear. And yet, if there are slopes steeper than 25°, I prefer to dismount and overcome dangerous part near the truck moving in first gear.
R and p. 3. Truck
R and S. 3. Truck:
1 — led, 2 — led bracket, 3 — bogie frame, 4 — wheel, 5 — body.

In addition to towing at speeds up to 30 km/h truck with a load of 600 kg, the tractor performs a number of other tasks. For example, working with a forward bulldozer type knife, oblique snehapanam, mechanical forks for wings and moving stacks of hay, a mower with the seizure of 1,200 mm, three-row Hiller-cultivator, plow.
Pulling power of the machine ensures the engine T-200 with forced air cooling. Torque from the output sprocket of the engine (12 teeth) chain is transmitted to the intermediate shaft (30 & 13 teeth) away from the sprocket of a back sprocket (46 teeth), planted on the brake drum scooter.
Fig. 4. The scheme of installation of the seat
Fig. 4. The scheme of installation of the seat:
1 — seat 2 — upper beam of the frame, 3— tube-bracket, 4 — absorber, 5 — a bracket of fastening of the shock absorber and the engine.

The frame of the tractor is made of tubes of rectangular cross section and of metal strips, are widely used in ready-made components and parts. Its design at first glance seems complicated. But it is not. The front suspension of the scooter taken from “Electron”. The only addition to it welded to the steering blocks with a length of 140 mm suspension fork to right — back in the course of the trailer, to the left — forward. The levers are connected by rods with a rocking chair attached to the steering shaft. The latter rotates in the column on thrust bearings. Steering wheel with controls, lighting and monitoring devices is taken entirely from the scooter.
The engine is located on the lower beam of the frame on three brackets with slotted holes that allow you to slightly move it and thereby to change the tension of the drive chain. Power is supplied from moped fuel tank, hosted a “motorcycle” on the upper beam of the frame.
Fig. 5. Conical spike
Fig. 5. Conical spike:
1 — stud,2 — screw M10, 3 — lid,4 — washers.

Stanan intermediate shaft will prepareda bearing No. 206; he is wearing a block sprocket (keyed) and eyes (bronze bushings) pendulum fork. Pulled the last pin M12. The second pin M12 going the rest of the pendulous fork, make the welding of bushings-spacers and two pieces of a steel strip 50X15 mm, to which the bolts of the towing bracket. The weld needs to be very reliable, as they have large loads.
The axis of the rear wheel is fixed in the eyes of the pendulous fork, allowing you to adjust the tension of the driven chain. It remains unchanged when vertical vibrations of the wheel because the axis of swing of the fork and the rotation of the intermediate shaft are the same.
The towing bracket is an arc of steel band reinforced at the sides with two fatty pads. Back in its thickened part, pressed on steel pin 14 mm. d him hooked drove a replaceable working bodies, including bogies.
R and p. 6. Ball spike
R and S. 6. Ball spike;
1 — ball d 20 mm, 2 — bolt M8, 3 — ring ball bearing,4 — tire.

The Dolly consists of a T-shaped frame, welded from a steel profile 50X50 mm, the ends of which is provided with a bracket carrier and axles; two of the tires (they can be replaced by dual motorcycle wheels) and bodywork from sheet metal. The latter is installed on the frame so that the center of gravity located ahead of the wheels. Thus several loads in addition the rear wheel of the tractor, which improves its adhesion to the soil.
It remains to add that the conical spines, which are provided to the rear wheel of the tractor, good especially for soft soil. When driving on rocky surfaces it is better to use the spikes made of branovan ball bearings: they have a good hardened steel, and the spikes will serve reliably for a long time.
0. OSTAPENKO, Vinnitsa

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