WATERS MEMBRANEExperienced gardeners watering the beds in their gardens and backyards only warm water supernatant. To do this, they fill placed on the site of the barrels in the morning and consume the water in the evening or in a few days. Wear it, of course, have buckets or watering cans; the work is heavy, unproductive.
You can, of course, to place containers with water, say, on the roof of the shed or on a special tower. But, first, height is not enough to obtain the same pressure as tap water, the second, and two hundred liter barrels even enough for watering the garden, medium size. We offer this room design is free from these drawbacks.
The first is a cube with sides of 1000 mm welded from steel sheet of thickness 2 mm. In principle, the shape of the tank can be any of: cylindrical, rectangular, spherical. Cubic selected only because it is the most technologically advanced.
The capacity consists of two “shells”, tighten the M10 bolts. Butt flanges made in the form of a flanging reinforced area is 40X40 mm. is sandwiched Between the sealing rubber pad and the edge of the membrane bag made of rubberized fabric, repeating with a small allowance lines one half of the tank.
Design cube
Design cube:
1 — irrigation hose 2 — drain fittings, 3 — tank, -4 — pressure hose, 5 — pressure fittings, 6 — stand, 7-bolt M10, 8 corner 40X40 mm, 9 – Amberton butt flange 10 to the wall of the tank 11 is sealing gasket, 12 — bag-diaphragm, 13 — amplifying solitaire, 14 — movable clutch 15 of the gasket.

In the end wall of the tank welded fitting four. They screwed valves, which, in turn, screwed the couplings with 3/4″ thread. On the lower screw the hoses supplying water from the water pipe, upper — irrigation.
The cube is located at the base of the metal bracket. On the outside it is painted black below the water quickly heated by the sun. The heating process can be accelerated using the so-called greenhouse effect, is to place the cube under a light wooden frame covered with plastic wrap. A layer of air between the film and the tank retains heat well heating metal walls.
The workflow proceeds as follows. One of the bottom fittings, for example, left, connects with the plumbing or pump. Cold water begins to flow into the left half of the tank, presses on the bag membrane and displaces warm through the upper right fitting on the watering. The next watering — just the opposite: pressure hose screw on the lower right fitting, and a drain — on the upper left. Sogrevaya during the day, the water is re-consumed, fresh — fill a tank.

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