THE HOPPER WITH MOTORincreasingly, in an editorial post meet the voluminous packages of drawings and descriptions of improvised microvesicles. Their fundamental difference from development of previous years – a successful combination in the construction standard and improvised units. The second important detail – the sharp improvement in appearance, a bold design decision. On these pages we present to the readers micromatics, which fully apply the characteristics set forth above.

Designing the layout of microvesicle, I came to the conclusion that the fuel tank can be made an integral part of the power frame. This would reduce the weight of the car and give it a more dynamic shape. Application for oval frame tubes allowed to perform “the Grasshopper” strong enough, easy and, most importantly, small size. When folded the wheel of his dimensions fit into a box the size 195x750x1050 mm, which allows the “grasshopper” easily accommodate in the trunk of a car, in the Elevator during transport to room and even under the bed.
This microvesicle frame is welded from thin-walled (with wall thickness up to 1.5 mm) steel pipe. All elements (except the fuel tank) are connected by welding, not immediately, but gradually, individual nodes with intermediate straightening, because the leash was significant. Details fuel tank sealed gas welding.
And now more about the bike and the manner of its Assembly.
The gas tank is not only a fuel bottle, and it is the power element of the frame. Its basis is the steel pipe with a diameter of 102×1,5 mm. After marking and trimming welded thereto a pipe diameter of 20 mm and a length of 108 mm. and Then at the end of the device superimposed steel plates, outlines in his contours, cut and welded.
Micromatic “Grasshopper”
Frame microvesicle
Frame microvesicle “Grasshopper”
1 – fuel tank; 2 – gusset-bracket; 3.6 – mounting brackets of the engine; 4 – strap attachment tool kit; 5 – hood; 7 – shield-reflector; 8 – kerchiefs; 9 – bracket stand (2 PCs); 10 – clamps 11 – upper bracket rear shock absorber; 12 – oval tube (2 PCs)
1 – head frame; 2 – pipe (d102х 1,5, L= 140); 3 – neck; 4 – panel; 5 – pipe (d20x1,5, L=108); 6, 9 – a lining; 10 – fitting; 11 – support sleeve

Front fork
Front fork:
1 – bolt (2 PCs); 2 – bridge; 3 – shock absorber (2 PCs); 4 – pen (2 PCs); 5 – steering shaft

Rear suspension
Rear suspension
Exhaust pipe
Exhaust pipe
1 – knee; 2 – transitional bushing; 3 – nut; 4 – ear; 5 – the forward cone; 6 – steel muffler; 7 – insert muffler; 8 – back cone

Next, adjusted the head frame is welded and cut body holes for the neck of the tank and the drain fitting of the fuel, which are then soldered into the tank.
Made telescopic front fork, spring shock absorbers. Bridge plugs machined on a lathe, then milled and reams and rastaquouere hole. The axis of the bridge plugs, covers, telescopic shock absorbers and the tips of the feathers pressed into the bridge and opasayutsya brass. When assembling the pens of the fork fills with grease.
Pendulum fork rear suspension also homemade. To the frame it is secured by two M8 bolts in the place where the axis of the drive sprocket. The bolts must be strictly aligned to each other.
Wheel designed for the standard tires of the scooter. Rims homemade, chiseled. The hub and spokes of the front wheel – bike, and the rim of the rear wheel connects with a homemade hub eighteen spokes from a wheel of the moped.
Brake drum and pads made of aluminum alloy D16T. Each pad is machined on a lathe with the subsequent drilling and milling. On pads aluminum wire riveted friction lining.
Exhaust pipe is picked from the regular knee-engine sh-58, bushing and muffler. The knee is being finalized – it should be bent as shown in the figure.
Motorcycle seat – sheet duralumin, polyurethane foam, dense fabric and faux leather in black.
Tool box made of sheet aluminium 1 mm thick and placed under the seat of microvesicle.
After welding the frame thoroughly cleaned, removed rust, slag and spatter. Then it should be primed and then painted in several layers. The color depends on your ability and taste. For example, I used the black nitroenamel and to the tank through a stencil depicted nitro white silhouette of a grasshopper. Exhaust pipe, feathers, forks, hub rear wheel, the helm bridge and the rim is chrome.

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