CARING FOR THE EARTHThe future of our country, its science and industry will soon begin to identify those who are now sitting at their desks in schools, in the classrooms of technical schools and vocational schools. What knowledge and skills they will get today, tomorrow will depend on the quality of scientific and technical developments, the level of our industry and the competitiveness of products, the development of the national economy.
A kind of school of creativity for the students was a system NTTM: mugs schools and vocational schools, clubs and centres for young technicians. Search creative activities are targeted at recruiting children to the design and innovation work on a variety of fronts. Here they are engaged in reproductive simulation of ancient and modern technology, creating a poster and working models of the machines of the future. Based on commercially available parts and assemblies where young designers made full-scale models of devices, machines and mechanisms, some of which can already now be recommended for use in various fields of national economy.
That was demonstrated by the exhibition of student works in the pavilion “Young technology” at ENEA USSR. Peculiarity consisted in the fact that a lot of attention in the show was devoted to agricultural machinery and devices. The topic today is one of those guys that live in a rural location and residents: the school and allotments, private gardens and orchards are in need of small tools. And they were widely represented in the exhibition by the young technology. For example, a student of 9th class of secondary school № 1 of the city of Blagoveshchensk of the Bashkir ASSR N. By Domracheva, which is in the circle of experimental design of compact machinery under the guidance of V. M. Fedotov, manufactured and presented at the exhibition cultivator-Hiller. The basis structure was taken of commercially available Liepaja agricultural machinery plant manual cultivator OCD-035А. Equipping it with the bike engine d-6, and after a little work managed to get a mechanism that facilitates the work and increases productivity seven times!
The cultivator-Hiller — development. GN Domracheva from the city of Blagoveshchensk of the Bashkir ASSR.
Cultivator-Hiller — development. GN Domracheva from the city of Blagoveshchensk of the Bashkir ASSR.
The great interest aroused by the development of the agricultural circle design, school of Krasnoarmeisky district of Saratov region. On his own project, here young technicians created the original compact mobile power station “Firefly”. The weight of this designer’s sophisticated design is only 20 kg and has a capacity of 1000 W at a voltage of 12 V. as the drive is used the motor from a chainsaw “Ural” and the generator from tractor K-700.
The club of young technicians “planet” from the city of Izhevsk were presented at the exhibition a whole range of various, including agricultural, machinery. This included an interesting work of Andrei Svetlakov and Mikhail Kuznetsov, pupils of the 10th class of high school № 60. Constructed of a riding mower has an original roller suspension of the upper blade which reduces friction loss during operation and, as a consequence, leads to a reduction in the necessary consumption of the entire unit as a whole.
Very useful for repair shops may be the development of a student of the 8th class of Ilya Golovleva involved in a circle of small machinery CUT “planet”. Metatropolis is designed for mechanical cutting of metal with thickness up to 50 mm in rescue and recovery operations in the automotive and agricultural machinery in the field. The weight of a fully Autonomous design 9 kg; one filling of fuel enough for hours of continuous operation.
Even outwardly among the presented exhibits prominent was the one made in KUT city of Dubna of the Moscow region under the leadership of engineer V. Makovskogo. It was made in the 1:20 scale model of the bridge teleoperative unit with a seizure of 50 meters. Navisnuv over the field and moving, drawing only on its edges, this unit with additional working bodies perform all functions in the soil, growing and harvesting. According to estimates by the developers themselves, it will increase 10-15 times the yield, for example, grain crops. In addition, the application of this technology will protect farmland from the destructive structure of the sealing operation, which produces an existing wheeled and tracked vehicles.
Representative of the new, unconventional technique can be called and the other shown by young designers Assembly — aerosol dispenser “Yenisei”. In fact, it is designed to protect agricultural plants, trees and shrubs from pests. But can be used in the farms and as a disinfection apparatus (for example, for the disinfection of cold rooms for cheese ripening), as well as for meat processing plants — an apparatus maintaining the necessary humidity, freezing ice, getting snow. The sophisticated design of this piece, created at the station of young technicians of interschool educational production plant in Krasnoyarsk, are the envy of other professional design office.
Was presented at the exhibition and complex electronic devices. Alexander Kornienko from the village of Vahrushi Slobodsky district of the Kirovohrad region did signaller flooding of vegetable and other cellars; miniature device, if necessary, also includes bilge pumps with a capacity of 8 kW.
Most of the exhibits demonstrated the increased level of development and, equally important, the relevance of the subjects to which refer the young technology. However, it is striking that virtually all designs of guys used the same components and parts. This suggests that the material basis for children’s technical creativity is still very limited. The industry does not produce the required amount of materials and components for groups, clubs and stations OUT; all this can not affect their further development. Meanwhile it is known that in industrial enterprises and research organizations there are always the so-called illiquid assets, waste materials, faulty products that can not be used in production, but it would be amiss for circles of technical creativity. So, in addition to the specific regulations on the possibility to transfer unnecessary materials and equipment clubs and centres for young technicians need an organized system of such transfer. Need and interest in the enterprises and organizations. Maybe include the cost that is passed on to the development of children’s technical creativity in the standings of the plan for consumer goods.

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