ASSEMBLY ON THE TABLE...Performance with external power supply grade E-2 is very popular with beginners — they are not too complicated for their production does not require scarce batteries, electric motors and materials. Odkako for debugging such models it is desirable to have at hand a track : after all, every improvement micromachine aimed at the growth of its speed, should promptly be evaluated by the designer in order to proceed to the next stage of modernization.
Some athletes have found a way out, literally erecting a table Assembly, the radius of curvature of its track is 1 meter. The basis of such a stand-Assembly — from wooden bars and plywood, a circular track covered with ordinary linoleum. In the center of the circle installed rod with sliding contacts and rack-leash glued to the bearing. Collector rings from strips of brass pipe, planted with glue on the wooden Central rod. Brass made and brushes of the current collector — they are fixed on duralumin parts installed on a leash.
Table Assembly (A) Central node (B)
Table Assembly (A) Central node (B):
1 — the leash 2 — brass brushes, 3 — pin collector ring, 4 — ball bearing, B — stand (wood), 6 Corda conductor.

When using table KOR-Dodoma for holding nutricious launch of the competition, note that when di ametre track 2 meter model is for 16 circles a distance of about 100 m. to determine the velocity of the micro-car, only enough to measure the time of passage model 16 circles and divide the number 360 on the value of this time in seconds. The answer is acquired in kilometrs per hour.

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