Exhibition (1);

Big problem small designers: Yu Bekhterev, A. Zaichenko. Factories, shops and young technicians (2); Meetings with interesting people: I. Kirillov. Calling Viktor Rozhkov (5);

The youngest: M. Candlemas. Light shooting (6);

A. Senichkin. Model paper (6);

Boats on the pavement (8);

Scooters to storm! (8);

What I would not mind Robert Grant (9);

Tech news: L. Lifshitz. City Express (10);

Radio control models: V. Kasyanov. Team one, several possibilities (12);

Models in the world: V. Medvedev. Winged (15);

Advice to the Modeler: N.Kamyshev. A cold shower for the engine (18);

Pages of history: M. gallay. First fight (20);

I. Kostenko. The grandfather of modern interceptors (21);

50 years of the Komsomol: A. Elkin. To the North pole under the ice (25);

A. Khanmamedov. Underwater giant (26);

A. Ognev. The student television station (28);

Create, invent, try: Prepare sleighs… (28);

R. Yarov. Instrument panels (40);

The homework club designers: (42);

News technical creativity: (40,41);

A. Giants. The highlight of the program (44);

Sports: (46);

Write down my address…: (47);

Read these books: (48).
COVER: 1 page – photo by D. Krichevsky, 2nd page – photo N.Goryacheva and I. Marchak (NDP), 3-I, page – photo N.Zakharkevich, 4. – Fig. R. Strelnikov.
TAB: 1 p. – Fig. E. Molchanova, 2-3. – P. Efimenkov, 4. – Fig. Yuri Makarov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1968-09 PDF (download)