Yu. A. Bekhterev. Amendment to the axiom (2).

The KLUB Meteor: L. Klochan. The Profile Of The “Junior” (4);

School Roman Khabarova (6).

Big problem small designers: S. Malik. Your opinion? (8).

The youngest: T. Bovykina. Whether you play in Selberg? (10);

S. Glaser. Flashing rod (10);

M. Orlov. Diabolo – a game virtuosos (11).

Cybernetics, automation, electronics: V. the Taynitsky. Experiments with the “turtle” (12).

Dates, events, facts: I. Karpovich. Gorky jubilee (14);

R. Yarov. Technique against the “white silence” (16).

Models in the world: Only one flight (17);

A good… the accident (17);

I. Kostenko. “Heavenly slug” (18);

Red Star “The Seagull” (21);

Single stage model rocket (21);

A. Zaikin. Attack the “invisible” (24).

Advice to the modeller: R. Ogarkov. Models and scale (26);

Yuri Sirotkin. How to stop the engine? (26).

The homework club designers: A. Beskurnikov. Photography without a darkroom (28);

A. Belov. Zenit makes reproductions (28);

L. Dunayevsky. Screwdriver-bystromite (29).

About the structures of the ancients, but instructive: V. Skurlatov. The machines of Archimedes and Heron (30).

Create, invent, try!: L. Affleck. Wizard”mage” (33);

Sailing through the desert (34);

Land yacht (36);

V. Denisov. In the sight – fish (38).

Read these books: (42).

Our reference: (44).

At different latitudes: (46).

News technical creativity: (48).
COVER: 2. – photo by V. Arctic cod, N.Zakharkevich and N. Goryacheva; 3. – photo by A. Novikov. N. Zakharkevich, drawings P. Efimenko; 4. – photo by E. Nazarov.
TAB: 1st page – photo by V. Tutova, 2. – drawing E. Molchanov, 3-I p. – drawings Sharova, 4. – drawing R. Strelnikov..


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1969-03 PDF (download)