100 Letny since the birth of V. I. Lenin: R. Yarov. The locomotive in the memory of V. I. Lenin (2);

Meet The V All-Union (6).

Karting: M. Todorov, O. Shaev. Kursk maps (8).

Ship Modelling: R. Petrosyan. Little powerhouse (12).

Automodelisme: V. Belousov. UAZ – class 2.5 cm3 (16).

Aero Modeling: E. Evenings. “Arrow” (18);

P. Sailors. In the sky tushina (20);

V. Nasonov. “The snow maiden” (20).

Sports: P. Borisov. North-East zonal (21);

R. Worlds. The race at the Luzhniki stadium (22);

G. Reznichenko. Vilnius records (22).

Create, invent, try!: V. Egorov. On a motorcycle with the comfort (25);

Again “The Kid”! (27);

K. Samoylikov. “Sound-2″… (30);

M. Viktorov. …And the author of (32).

The youngest: M. Zhirnov. Old whether great-grandfather. (33);

V. Kazantsev. The simplest receiver (34);

G. Vasilyev. Indian snakes (35).

The tasks on design-wit: (36).

Pages of history: S. Luchaninov, the First ship of the first Admiralty (37).

The KLUB meteor: R. Ogarkov, the Sleigh – racing with a propeller (42).

The homework club designers: (44).

Our reference: (46).

News technical creativity: (47).

Sports: E. Gusev. Ahead of the winter (48);

Pavel Lachugin. At Cheboksary “RAID” (48).
COVER: 1 page – Fig. P. Korcheva, 2nd p – photo A. Myakisheva, 3. – photo of Yu. Riznichenko, 4. – drawing E. Molchanov.
TAB: 1st page – photo by V. Seleznev, 2-3 pages – drawings E. Voishvillo, 4. – drawing V. Berman..


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1969-10 PDF (download)