Organizer of technical creativity: M. Zhirnova, T. and Merenkov. Give the gift of life! (2);

A. Filimonov. School party ENEA (5);

Sergei Barmin. Experimental? It’s fun! (5);

G. Reznichenko, V. Kanaev. In Zhitomir “Baikonur” (6);

The car – finish the rockets off. (10).

Model Champions: I. Krotov. The prize named after S. P. Korolev – designers raketoplana (10).

Sports: T. Bazhenov. Start a locomotives (13).

Models in the world: I. Maksimikhin. “Crystal” on the ice (14);

B. Shamanov. On the underwater wing (16).

The KLUB Meteor: A. Zaichenko, V. Kandinsky. Those magic electrons (20).

News: the Altai hero (23).

Create, invent, try!: Golden hands Kharkiv (25);

Lunin V. S. Elistratov. The third student (25);

V. Taranukha. “Tourist” is the younger brother of “Volyn” (28);

I. Lavrov, B. Fainerman. Mounted and suspended water cannons (30);

Alexander Dimitrenko. Light on command (35);

Yu. A. Bekhterev, N. Sayapin. “Snow bike” (38).

According to the foreign journals: the champion of the underground competition (40);

Checked in flights (41).

The young mechanic: I. Kitaev. The storm of weeds (44).

The handyman: (46).

“Write down my address…”: (48).
COVER: 1-4-p. I – photo V. Brosco, 2nd p – photo A. 3айченко, 3. photo J. Tambergs.
TAB: 1-4 pages – drawings E. Molchanov. 2-3. – photo L. Maksimova, G. Romanovskogo, A. Molchanov, N. Minin, installation P. Chernysheva.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1970-11 PDF (download)