For the 10th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space: Popovich. Loyalty (2);

A. Ivanov. Before the flight (4);

IV all-Union – Motherland of the first cosmonaut (6);

I. Krotov. Missiles “land – air” (6);

P. Kondalski. With the help of theodolite and TZK (7);

A. Pantyushin. For the competition “Space” (8).

News technical arts: (11).

Tech news: R. Yarov. Giant on wheels (12).

Meet-the-fly pioneer: Happy sailing, pioneer fleet! (13);

G. Malinowski. “Goldfish-2” (14).

Models in the world: I. man. To the sixth continent (17);

V. Sviridkina. Model diesel-electric ship “Ob” (18);

I. Konstantinov. Duck on a rope (24).

The youngest: L. Klochan. The aircar with the rubber motor (26);

The “hotel” for titmouse (27).

At different latitudes: (28).

Advice to the modeller: R. Ogarkov, V. biological. Glow plug (28).

Design Bureau “Mayak”: V. Pushkin. “Seven times…” (30);

Two transistors (31).

Pages of history: V. Zlobin. “King of fighters” (33);

I. Kostenko. Fighting “The Seagull” (35).

Ships across the seven seas: L. Skryagin. Barquentine (39).

Create, invent, try!: V. Korbut. One hundred problems in ordinary greenhouses (40);

G. Kiselev. “Gorodnitsa” (41);

Greenhouse window (41);

And under the roof the rain (41);

Yu Reisler. The cover film (42);

G. Gulyaev. “Plus or minus one degree” (43);

An improved pruner (43).

The handyman: (44).

Sports: I. Kostin. Most importantly – exercise (46).

Edge to edge: (48).
COVER: 3. – installation P. Chernysheva, photo by B. Zolovkina, 4. – photo by J. Nijnichenko.
TAB: 1st and 3rd p. – drawings E. Molchanov. 2. – drawing R. Ivanov, 4. – photo by V. Brovko.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1971-04 PDF (download)