Organizer of technical creativity: A. Timchenko. Rural CUT: time of formation (1).

Equipment vintage: Arsenal cultivation culture (3).

Public KB “M-K”: V. Dovydenas. Recumbent on the track… and at the circuit (6);

V. Borozenec. Orlov waleryszak (7);

B. Revsci. Around silver spokes (10);

N. Folder. “Desna” with the motor (12);

D. Lizunov, V. Kondratiev. Koktebel Airshow (13).

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Victory: V. Ankudinov. Leningrad project (17).

Abilites “M-K”: V. Egorov. In captivity authority (21).

Furniture with his own hands: Soft carrycot (25);

“Sleeping” babies (25);

Compact and convenient (26).

Mechanical AIDS: a spinning Wheel in the style of a retro (27).

Our workshop: (29).

Tips from around the world (30).

Small-scale mechanization: V. Zayats. Driving veloplugs (32);

Toothy spit (33);

One by two (33);

Meet the holiday: (34).

Models in the world: A. Nesterenko. Start of class TA-4 (35). Advice to the modeller: (38). Sports: Kostenko. “Experiment-84” (39). Reader – the reader: (42). Radiocronaca service “M-K”: Triggers JK-type and Schmitt (43). Electronics for beginners: N. Folder, E. Sawicki, E. Yuriev. Learn Morse code (45). Devices assistants: Vladimir Efremov. Under control – the pulse (47).
COVER: 1-4. -, “Eksperiment-84”. Photo by V. Ruban; 2-I page – state farm CUT. Photo by A. Timchenko; 3. Competitions on radio sport. Photo By A. Nikolaev.
TAB: 1st page – Abilites “M-K”. Fig. M. Petrovsky; 2-3 pages – Koktebel the show. Photo by A. Artemiev; 4-I p. – Club house masters. Fig. B. Kaplunenko.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1985-03 PDF (download)