AND WE HAVE IN THE YARD...They say, miracles do not happen. And yet… take a Look sometime in a spare moment in the yard of the house № 11 on the 2nd passage Schukinskaya in Moscow and you will see the real miracles! They appear in this courtyard, along with a surprisingly moving gray-haired man, surrounded by a motley bunch of kids. Opening a small neat shed near the athletic fields, the white-haired man pulls out a one after another some absolutely fantastic machines. One of them resembles a long bench, to which the front, back and sides with attached wheels from scooter; the other, also four, very similar to the old armored car; the third with a motorcycle wheel in front and a propeller at the rear — no matter what is not similar, because such machines do not exist.


Just a few minutes all this technical freak show comes to life and starts moving. The yard and access road lanes surrounding the houses, racing fun, colorful carousel machines and drivers and passengers — children. Boys and girls — on an equal footing. At first it seems that the movement is chaotic and not regulated by anyone. But this is only the beginning. Peering more closely, can be detected at the intersection directing traffic with a striped stick in his hand and a whistle in his mouth. The regulator not more than ten years, but businesslike, he will not give this inspector the Guns! And controls movement, giving each driver a very specific job, the same gray-haired man — and it becomes apparent that the yard is smart, focused and useful game with children. If you go up to the second floor of the neighboring house, in one of the apartments — a note specifically for this case — you will see well-equipped children’s Studio in which made and such an unusual machine, and a lot more that way, as miracles don’t call. And involuntarily I want to ask where it came from and who this gray-haired man, who loves kids house No. 11 and the adjacent neighborhood.

…Eighteen years ago, the engineer Alexander Abramov has retired. Hard life and hard work this man left behind. Came secure old age, a well-deserved rest. Neighbors-retired, famously “scored goat” in the garden near the house, waiting to replenish their ranks. But their hopes were dashed: Alexander indifferent to dominoes, whist and chess. His attention was attracted to children. The kids in the yard. Before he somehow did not notice in the morning when he left for work, the youngest was still asleep, and the students sitting in the classroom. In the evening, when he returned from work, the yard was empty. And now he saw them in all day and throughout the day were surprised that the children are actually left to themselves and anyone they have no case. The girls draw with chalk on the asphalt intricate rectangles, and then, jumping on one leg, playing the “classes”; the boys — depending on the time of year — drive a ball or puck. And so, day after day, year after year… just Remembered that he saw all this back in my younger days. Really, nothing has changed? And became suddenly bitter and hurt by the knowledge that he still hasn’t given thereby to the guys living with him in one house, one yard, one neighborhood, one country at last! And could give, if I looked at them more closely and taking from your time budget two to three hours a week. Only two or three hours.
That night Alexander could not sleep. Wife was worried you were sick? But he just shrugged. once the sick, when such a thing. And the next day Abramov were sitting in the office of the chief ZHKO and enthusiastically introduced him to his plan of children’s work in the neighborhood. Tired head silently listened to of Alexander, gradually imbued him confidence and sympathy. Listened and thought: that’s how unexpectedly people open to their spiritual beauty! Asks nothing for himself, did not complain, as some others. If dissatisfied, it is only the fact that the children in the neighborhood kitsch is useful not busy, loiter at the entrances, and it’s a lot of very serious! So the chief ZHKO research Institute of inorganic materials Nikolai Lyubimov became a supporter and ally Abramov. From their first conversation, and the history of children’s technical club ZHKO on Schukinskaya passage 11.
An important step in the formation of children’s technological club was the photography club. It was established in 1965 and still works as a matter of course — after all, everyone wants to get it on your own products not to mention unique events in the yard… In the photography club periodically worked from 15 to 25 people, mostly girls. Equipment initially was not, Alexander brought his “Zenith”, your enlarger, your bath. The house was freer because his wife didn’t mind. In the red corner, wall papers, on the Honor roll had good photos taken by students of Alexander. Many parents these guys came into the laboratory and become active assistants Abramova in the organization of the club of young technicians. It was the next phase of work. The club became a Foundation for today’s club and in all activities which is based on the formula: “From dream to knowledge, from knowledge to action”. Dream is the main component of this formula, probably because the Alexander is by nature a dreamer. Design, he suggests the guys go from dreams, from fantasy. In the process he teaches children, first of all to dream, to fantasize, and only then to cut, to whittle, tighten the nuts.
I love the term “brainstorming,” says Alexander. Therefore, in the process to build a new machine I’m building for participants in work situations in which they are forced to smash his head, making and defending their own solutions to a given node, Goy or other details. Probably, this method can be called “invitation to creativity”.
So, in a continuous, well-thought-out collective search, holds its pedagogical watch Alexander Abramov. And when it is possible to be alone, he does favorite thing: the construction of the original internal combustion engines. Let’s face it — the imagination of Alexander inexhaustible. Dozens of projects, one another are intricate, there on his drawing Board. Some of them built working models. They represent practical interest, but we won’t talk about them now: it’s the topic of a separate article. It is advisable to talk briefly about the self-propelled machinery, which, as it symbolizes the last term of the formula is “dream — cognition — action”. Children are not carried away by the layouts and the stationary machine. Moreover, these “undead” can even repel for life so characteristic of the children craving for technical creativity. Another thing, if it is possible to get behind the wheel and feel close to their vivid beating mechanical heart, responsive and obedient…
At first, the club had two cheap moped, connected by a simple frame-a platform in a four-wheeled unit. Why? Because the moped itself is a good vehicle. But, for a man who already knows how to use it. How to teach non?
Spark is a great car for this purpose. On spark you can drive using one or two motors on request. The spark can be perfectly safe to travel with two, three and even four — depending on the design of the connection of the frame platform. Finally, it can be used as a management machine. In the autumn the pupils of Alexander taken on the spark the fallen leaves from the neighborhood that Leads to emotion janitors and even the chief ZHKO. Spark is the perfect car for a practical learning of traffic rules. Here’s the amazing thing — the spark!
Another car, which the guys are particularly proud of is “autolinee” or “Autoscale”. It is equipped with outboard motor! By all accounts, Alexander first used the outboard motor for this purpose. Here he went directly from dreams, from fantasy. The dream became a very successful reality, and can now confidently say: homebrew, bolder use in their cars {micro cars, motonartah, APE, etc.) the power head outboard motors! A. S. Abramov has convincingly proved the feasibility of this solution.
…Project “autolinee” discussed the long and lively Main idea was proposed by Alexander Sergeyevich. He did it unobtrusively with success applying here playing his favorite form of work with children. One evening, arriving at classes of the course, the boys saw a strange building in the midst of the room stood a long wooden bench, and to it with nails and provoloki were attached wheels, steering wheel, outboard motor and aluminum garden chairs. The questions: who, when and what does it do? Alexander was silent and smiled slyly. He fussed the whole night to cook the guys a surprise, and at the same time to see what can happen out of the ordinary ideas, that is to say, in 1:1 scale.
View first, understand what was happening and then Express their opinion, — he said finally and sat behind the wheel of your facilities — Maybe go for a ride sometime on that thing!
Guys interested. Is it possible? Must be joking, Alexander! After all, these machines no one has never seen before: two wheels on each side, one in front, one behind!
Now, friends, will explain, — said Alexander and took from the cupboard a small model that was very similar to standing in the middle of the room a bench with wheels. Moving it on the table, Alexander showed what advantages it has compared to the machines basic scheme — a four-wheeled, three-wheeled and two-wheeled. The guys were surprised: why such a scheme still does not apply? Why these machines we never see on the streets and roads?
Alexander raised his hand for silence. “The answer you will get if you manage to build it! After all, we have all possibilities for this!”
Two months after this discussion smelling of fresh paint “autosomal” rolled into the yard. Olga Podluzhnaya, Nikolai Morozov and Nikolay Yerokhin felt like a birthday: it was their work, their dream became reality. “Autocamera” went through the yard, then the streets of Moscow, the day of the show improvised automaticcontrol finally, through the alleys of the Exhibition of achievements of national economy of the USSR. Its creators were awarded with diplomas and medals.
Aeromobil — the third of the original self-propelled gun, built under the leadership of Alexander Sergeyevich scooter, the motor from the saw “Friendship”, the seat and simple frame-rail of the propeller. Winter wheels can be replaced with skis or skates. Get the snowmobile. Speed up to 45 km/h.
In conclusion, we can say that through the club ZHKO NIINM, through the hands of A. Abramov it’s been two generations of yard boys the Older boys have served their term in the Soviet Army and returned to Abramov, becoming his assistant.
I am happy, — says Alexander, — by constant communication with the youth. You can tell younger myself. And doubly happy because I got such good students: nick Erokhin, nick frost, Natasha Abbakumova, Irene Nagai, Olga Podluzhnaya and others. Them I with quiet soul to give the leadership of our club. They’d do it.