THE BOAT COVER AND THE Be sure — on the phone, something gurgled, hissed, snapped, and again there came the distant, Withkn voice. Yeah, yeah… we’ve Got the river flooded. Not a pond, and a lake. Carp — the darkness! In General, from the stop to the right and along the fence. I’ll be waiting.

The next day early morning I was sitting in the bus, squinting from the bright sun, eagerly looking out of the window.
But the conductor announced, “Next stop, “the Farm”. A few minutes later I was walking along the green fence, curiously looking around.
The pond, about which we spoke on the phone with Vic, once opened. And immediately I saw my friend: go all out pressing the pedal bike, he raced to me.
The rest of the way to the garden we have come five minutes — I with a backpack on the trunk, and Vic — driving.
Vic first took me to the shed where he had stashed fishing to save. I wasn’t terribly worried about all those hooks-worms, but lying in the corner a brand new rubber boat I was interested in.
My father bought — boasted Vic — this past Sunday brought.
He turned the boat in a tight roll, put it in the case of Bologna and hoisted me on his shoulders. He took the fishing rods, a can of worms and brought out of the barn is great.
To the pond made it the same way: I’m on the trunk, Vic — driving.
Can dive to begin with? — I suggested.
Wait, let’s first boat Nadu.
We quickly pulled off the case, Vic has fitted a Bicycle pump and handed it to me. I obediently slid the piston. But five minutes passed, ten, and the boat lay, and lies. Well, perhaps just a little swollen.
Listen, — has not sustained at last I have you ever puffed it so? Shake, shake, and a little confused.
Vic sheepishly looked down and started to pump. I turned angrily away. What now, to night to pump? Nothing better to do I began to roll the case from the boat. Folded, and two, and… Tight thin material of the bag was bulging bladder, not wanting to take shape. Suddenly the rhythmic heavy breathing behind me — Vitka and the pump is stopped. I looked around. Victor looked concerned for a bubbling in my hands the case.
Wait a minute, ‘ he said and, taking my bag, for some reason, turned him around, shook like typing in it something invisible, and then quickly tighten the neck, quite as guys do with a paper bag before you slap them on something solid. Then Victor without turning the neck, tried to sit on the case. The gently springy, shaking Vitka. I didn’t understand. But “academician”, as he was called by friend in school, something already decided. Rushed to the bike, undid the saddle bag and emptied its content on the picked leaf of burdock. Quickly sorting through the keys, cogs, rubber bands, he put aside a spare valve from Velocimetry, a screwdriver, a few rubber patches and glue.
I have for some time distracted watching the passing us a raft, and when turned back to Victor, I saw that he was carefully with a screwdriver puts a hole in the case.
What are you doing, ‘cried I,’ why spoil a thing! Of the father nagoric!
Not negarit, look what happens.
He took the gate, I pulled on a rubber patch and done through a hole shoved it from the inside of the case out. Then put on the valve lubricated rubber glue the second patch, the washer and the tight-natugo tightened the nut.
That’s all — a sigh of relief he pump ready.
Which pump — I did not understand is the pump? And I pointed to the side of the case.
Of course, you idiot, laughed Vic, ” the same.” Look…
He pulled over valve hose and inserted the second end into the valve on the boat.
Wait, — he came to me, I now myself.
I picked up the bag and shaking it, opened to accelerate
more air, and then tightly twisted the neck and, holding her hand, sat on the Huff case. The air with a hiss rushed through the hose in the boat, which began to swell right before your eyes. Twice we shook the bag together and sat on him while a shapeless heap of rubber turned in the tight inflated the boat.
-So — smug twisted nose Vic — our know!
Well, fishing? Can’t even remember. I, at least, not caught anything…