INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATIONTo date, the development of electronic, computing technology enables automation of industrial processes and the production in General. As a consequence, one can control the technological process without participating directly in them, improving the quality and level of safety, performance and efficiency of the enterprise.


Now there are many companies offering their services in the field of industrial automation. One of those is It offers a range of services, from design to manufacture and implementation of automated systems in production processes.


Control system of technological processes represents a certain group of tools through which people can control the process at a distance. Industrial automation allows to reduce the number of staff, to produce better quality and increase productivity.


Using automated control systems businesses have the ability to greatly reduce the cost of raw materials, energy resources and, at the same time, improve the quality of the products.


The equipment used for the automation of production systems presents a new analog and digital devices to optimize costs and improve productivity.


Every company wants to make your production process more efficient, profitable, wants to work faster and at the same time better, because there will always be someone who can outrun you. All these desires are quite justified and feasible.


The company mainly focused on oil and gas industry, which develops and manufactures special test equipment, supplies of control systems of technological processes.


Due to the large range of products, the company is able to meet almost any customer and to do everything at the highest level. PROINTEK also develops documentation for the automated control systems of technological process.


The advantage is that the company cooperates with world-famous manufacturers and this is the best indicator of the quality and reliability of the company, services and products that it offers to its client.