PETMAN ROBOT MANFrom the futuristic Android turn to more practical developments.
A few days ago Boston Dynamics, creators of the infamous Big Dog, posted a video on his other project – Petman. Previously, it wrote, but then development was very raw and what is shown now is really impressive.

A little information about the project:

Petman is an anthropomorphic robotdesigned to test clothing with chemical protection used by the US army. Unlike the previous testers that had a limited repertoire of movements and needed mechanical support, Petman self remains stable and moves freely walking, crawling and performing different exercises during exposure to chemical warfare agents. Petman will also simulate human physiology by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating when necessary, to provide real test conditions.

The robot will have the shape and size of a regular human, making it the first anthropomorphic robot that moves dynamically like a real person. Official website of the project