TESLA TRANSFORMERThe inventor of this thing is the father of the alternating current Nikola Tesla, the fruits of which we use every day, including anything in the AC outlet. If you saw at the store were glass balls with digits inside, this relative of the installation in the photo – generator, Tesla high frequency and high voltage.
Despite the intimidating appearance of the discharge (although it is hard to believe), but they are completely harmless to humans. The fact that the currents of such high frequencies are on the surface of the skin without causing any harm to humans. At the exhibition, where Nikola Tesla demonstrated the first transformer high frequency he was connected to the device and from his hands the hall was hitting spectacular branching of lightning. Even now it looks fantastic, and at the end of the 19th century it produced a shock, Tesla was considered almost a witch.

Interesting point in the physics of this process is that at the moment there is no physical theory that explains the effect of Tesla transformer. More precisely, such a theory was the Tesla, but it broke with classical physics refers to physics alternative that recognizes the physical aether as a real medium of transmission of electromagnetic waves. Nikola Tesla conducted and other amazing experiments, such as electric power transmission on one wire and even non-metallic conductor.

A native of Croatia, Nikola Tesla is the most mysterious scientist of the 20th century. Giving humanity the alternator he was still life left in the “underground” and earned the reputation of “the mad scientist”. Unlike Edison, who was more talented businessman than a scientist (by the way, Tesla for some time worked for Edison, but then they quarreled), Nikola Tesla was a man for whom science and knowledge stood in front of commercial benefit. The imagination of this genius increasingly took him away from the beaten scientific track.

Career and recognition of Tesla did not care. Indicative is the story, when Tesla took on the money of the banker Morgan to build a tower of transatlantic relations. Instead, he decided to build an installation that could provide the entire neighborhood with free electricity without wires. In 1899, Tesla publicly demonstrated lamps and engines operating on high frequency current without wires. It is clear that investors such altruistic innovation is much liked. In addition, put on full power setting of the Tesla lightning erupted in the sky around the experimental tower glowed a ball of light with a diameter of 30 meters and in a radius of several miles have been observed mysterious lighting and electrical effects, and then installing torched the transformer station, leaving the entire area without electricity. When Tesla was working near new York it has repeatedly went to the police on the complaints of neighbors, from the mysterious Tesla’s experiments, all the buildings started to shake as if an earthquake in a radius of a kilometer.

Tesla demonstrated and things that were far beyond the understanding of modern man. For example, in confirmation of his theory about the existence of the ether, Tesla publicly upgraded the car, replacing the internal combustion engine with an electric motor and a little mysterious “box Tesla” (Tesla, Box), the supply of electricity “from the air” car . The car went a few days without any apparent external flows of energy. Tesla also claimed to have solved the mystery of teleportation and rumored to have been working hard installing the generator for the instantaneous movement of objects through the air. If you have heard about the experiment “Philadelphia”, carried out at the end of world war 2 by the Americans, and inadvertently led to the teleportation of a warship, it is submitted that the ship was also used in the development of Tesla, though they tried to use for other purposes: to make a ship invisible to enemy radar.

Here he was a scientist, single-handedly stormed the secrets of the Universe, first discovered the radio and alternating current and of the past in the gap from science so far that today most of the works of genius remain misunderstood and unexplained.


Basic Tesla transformer consists of two coils – primary and secondary, with “loss of inductive coupling.” The primary coil consists of several turns (three or four) of large diameter wire and a secondary of many turns of wire a much smaller diameter. This certainly is no ferromagnetic core and thus mutual inductance between the two coils is extremely small – this is the main difference of the Tesla transformer from other transformers.


The primary coil uses electrical waves with high intensity, discharging the condenser, is initially charged to a voltage of several kV. This is done through the spark gap, as shown in the figure below:


The spark gap is arranged so as to cover the moment when the voltage between the terminals of the condenser reaches a predetermined value.

At a time when the spark gap is in the conducting state, the primary coil and the condenser are connected in series, forming in this case the RLC-circuit in which there are electric oscillations of a certain frequency. In the secondary coil, which at this time forms another RLC-circuit, also arise electrical oscillations due to the induction voltage. The oscillation frequency of both circuits are defined by their technical parameters.

The Tesla transformer to produce the appropriate action for two RLC-circuits (primary and secondary) should be in resonance – their frequency of oscillations must be the same. Once this occurs, the amplitude of oscillation in the secondary coil is sharply increased, and the transformer produces at the output a high voltage.