THE MIRACLE STAIRCASEBelow in the kitchen or in the hallway to get any items or products from the top shelves or mezzanines, not necessarily to have a special ladder — after all, it must be stored somewhere, and the area of outbuildings and so small. Suggest to make the one shown here universal stool: it can quickly turn into a miniature ladder.


Half of the top Board being unfolded, turns into top notch. The other two middle and lower — fixed on the horizontal cross members of the two legs, giving additional rigidity to the entire structure.
For stairs suitable thick plywood or Board with a width of 16 see the Constructive basis of the stool are the four sloping Racks made of bars with a thickness of 2.5 cm and width from 3.5 cm to 6 cm Parts are joined with screws, nails, and spikes on the glue. Better to paint them with varnish to enhance the natural beauty of wood texture. Fit and bright oil or enamel paint.
Half reclined seat makes the stool to the ladder.
Half reclined seat makes the stool to the ladder.
The second option combined stool.
The second option is a combined stool.
A ladder ready.
A ladder ready.
The second variant of stool-ladder is a folding construction consisting of the same height halves connected by metal hinges.
In both cases, on the seat you can put soft pillows.
V. STRASHNOV, architect

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