To work the land on the farm in summer and snow in winter, and also for use as a tractor during transport on short distances of various loads on trailer in 2010 he collected the mini-tractor “Makar-2M”. Engine – two-cylinder VAZ-11113 750 cm3 and a maximum output of 33 HP at 5600 rpm.
Base – 1675 mm wheel Track rear-axis – 1200 mm, front – 1150 mm. the Front wheels of the VAZ-2101, rear: discs – GAE-53 welded adapter (Central parts) from UAZ, tires – MTZ-82 (front).

Rear-wheel ballast set – steel ring with a mass of 72 kg. Front 44-kg counterweight is attached to the frame front.

Homemade frame, welded from steel channel No. 10 to the set of reinforcements and brackets for mounting units.

Checkpoint # 1 with the main transmission from the car “Oka”, the differential is locked (satellites are welded to each other). Checkpoint # 2 – from the GAZ-53. Number of gears: 16 forward and 8 backward.


Rear axle from the car UAZ shortened. Attached to the frame by means of four M16 bolts. Front axle – a homemade, U-shaped, oscillating type. Made of thick-walled pipes with a diameter of 80 mm. Hub with ball bearings – from the VAZ-2101. The node of the rolling – back crossbar of the car “ZIL”.

Steering gear (cars) and the wheel (from “Volga” GAZ-З1029) are connected by steering the propeller shaft from the car “Oka”. Rods – homemade.

The system consists of an oil pump NSH-10 and V-belt drive from the front pulley of the engine. Directional control valve – P80-3/4, three-section, four-position floating plunger. Cylinder linkage from the tractor T-25. Hinged system of the tractor of YUMZ-6, the vertical thrust from MTZ-80.

Brake system – single circuit with rear-wheel drive. Brake master cylinder with vacuum booster – car “Oka”, cylinders – from “Volga” GAZ-З1029.

Mini-tractor equipped with a cab MTZ-80 old model with a heater from the VAZ-2105.

The tractor is equipped with the following units:

1. Double-hulled plow with the seizure of 440 mm and a maximum ploughing depth of 25 mm. plough Frame is homemade, from the ploughshare Coulter, a blade carved from the dump of the serial housings of the tractor DT-75, field Board – homemade. Harrow hangs on a hinged bracket with a hydraulic drive.

2. Trehkostochny cultivator with a homemade frame. Case when planting potatoes adjusted to any distance between the furrows.

3. Snow blade – rotary (eviction of snow left-right), drive – hydraulic.

Mini tractor continue to improve.

A. SIMAKOV, Moscow region, Lukhovitsy district, s. Dedinovo

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