A good host in the winter and enough work in the garden. One day, when the snow piled very much, it was necessary to compact around trees, and roofs of the buildings do not interfere with cleaning. So I went on “zaporozhtse 966В” to see his “estate”. Well in the winter in nature, but deserted. The house has electricity, furnace fun crackling wood, warm and cozy. Having stayed at the site for two days, I decided the next day early in the morning, while cars on the road a little, to go home. In the morning I sat behind the wheel of his “foreign cars”, and the engine will not start battery is dead. And there’s no one around. Neither “light” nor “pull” there is no one to get between the necessary.

The only way to revive the battery, munitions its. That had literally “on the knee” tinkering charger, good in the barn kept a lot of “useful stuff” (its worked, and throw a pity) that from time to time helps. This time the donor was an old TV set “Record”. To obtain the current 3 to 5 a at A voltage of 15 to 18 In used transformer by connecting sequentially three seliverstovich filament winding, and diodes type D7Ж, КД102. Because these low-voltage diodes, put them through a relay that is found on the vehicle.
The temporary wiring charger
Temporary wiring battery charger:
T1 — transformer (three windings connected in series shestovytsya from TV “Record”), HL1 — bulb from a car headlight., VD1, VD2 — diodes type Д7Ж, КД102 (TV Record), R1 — voltage relay of the car (in this case “plows 966В”)

Temporarily disconnecting from relay voltage regular wire, connect your as shown in the figure diagram. I then connected the resulting “charger” to the battery. After three hours of charging returned in place of the regular wire voltage relay and connect the battery terminals.
Blessed, turned the ignition key — the engine starts immediately.

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