FATTY TYRES THE BIKESince ancient times it was believed that one who follows the advice of an old Russian proverb: prepare sleighs in summer, and in winter the cart” without any doubt, can be considered a good, zealous master. Carried away almost ten years Cycling, I have always been fixing his “iron horse” and a complete set his spare parts in the winter. However, the last couple of years to do it neither winter nor summer has become almost impossible, because to buy in stores details possible only through happy accident.

Particularly acute for cyclists the problem is the tires. The last of the tools at my disposal of tires had been worn down in several areas to cord tissue and further use of it was highly questionable. Vspomniv that many motorists use fatty tires, I decided to try to do a “restoration”. Looking ahead, I will say that the result exceeded all expectations: recycled tire put on the rear wheel, “skated” to 1.5 thousand kilometers with minimum tread, no exfoliation of the welded layer of rubber was observed. I think that the life of these tires is at least three seasons of active drive. Offer and other cyclists the benefit of my experience, especially because no special tricks in it.
The proposed method of repair of Bicycle tires is to restore the worn tread are not only faults, but also over the entire surface in contact with the road surface. You’ll need electrofocussing (preferably with a large area of the heating element, for example, a stationary type, having a working surface with a size of 150X200 mm; as a way out we can recommend the installation of iron with thermostat and clamps or a bench vise). You will also need raw rubber and simple equipment, made independently. The latter consists of a matrix forming the tread, and the rear gauge gasket.
Matrix as thermally conductive part is made of metal. It may be steel and cast iron. But it is best to give preference to aluminum alloys, because along with good conductivity, they have an important feature — allow the Amateur, not having at hand the machines, used for the treatment of the most common locksmith tools. So, in accordance with the wheel radius of your bike (for my “Satellite” Kharkov Bicycle factory, it is equal to 340 mm) is the relevant matrix surface. The type and form of the “new” tread is determined by the diameter, depth and number of holes, notches and recesses on the body of the matrix.
The restoration of tyre
The restoration of tyre:
1 — heating element vulcanizer, 2 — matrix, 3 — layer raw rubber, 4 — welded layer, 5 — rear gasket, 6 — area of the tyre, requiring repairs.

Copying back the gasket is easy to do from a piece of wood. The specific dimensions of the entire snap depend on the dimensions of the vulcanizer and unable to change accordingly, “adjusting” under the existing model.
The preparatory operations include “restoring” the texture and a matte, velvety surface on the lid. This is a file with a large notch (preferably never been used for work on metal ). After sanding, the surface is degreased with a rag soaked in gasoline.
Cut a piece of raw rubber with a thickness of 1.5…3 mm, remove the protective fabric or film labels, wetted with gasoline and applied to the prepared area of the tyre. Installing on top of the matrix, and the bottom — copy the strip, the package is clamped in the vulcanizer, pre-warmed to a temperature of 140… 150°C. this is not to prevent displacement of the parts relative to each other. Don’t forget during operation, and safety information — try to protect your hands from burns.
The duration of the curing process is determined by the thickness of the used rubber: for the specified it is in the range of 15…25 minutes. The correct heat treatment of the welded layer should be elastic, in any case not to stretch “like chewing gum”, or, conversely, to be fragile and brittle. The first defect is too low curing temperature (less than 140°C). and the second is excessive (more than 150°C). leading to burnout.
By moving the matrix and gasket, do the following bookmark, the curing process is repeated, and so until then while updated the protector will not close.
A. GVOZDEV, Ivanovo

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