BETTER - COLLET CHUCKThe idea is to expand the capabilities of the lathe for matches, published in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”, arose when it became clear that, first, wood is modern matches absolutely unsuitable for such work and, secondly, the size of matchbox blanks severely limit the choice of machined parts. As a result, fixing of workpieces on the motor shaft nipple rubber require replacement.

In the present embodiment, the machine has a Chuck with a collet Chuck. The site is made of elements collet pencil mark “Kimek” or similar. When assembling the tube, carrying the collet, short cropped. As shaft, you can use the pencil button (then have to pick up the ball bearing of the appropriate size).
But the best detail to carve anew from metal. Spring is also from a pencil; it needs to be shortened. Mutual fixation of the tube and shaft with a pin. Adjustment efforts clamp parts produced, selecting the length of the spring or tube. On the basis of the motor and of the proposed site to collect the machine, seen in the pictures.
Clamping device of a machine
The clamping device of the machine:
1 – front wall, 2 — clutch, 3 — collet, 4 – tube, 5 – spring, 6 — shaft, 7 — bearing.

Scheme machine
The scheme of the machine:
1 – motor, 2 — front wall 3 — clamping collet device, 4 — back wall with the center 5 — base.

G. KLESHNIN, Volgograd

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