FORCED AIRNot without the help of the publication “Model construction” fashioned itself on the basis of the Minsk motorcycle universal cultivator. A good mechanical assistant turned, hard-working. The basis of it, of course, was circumcised (according to the advice of the journal) staff the motorcycle’s frame with mounted power unit and a two-stage chain transmission to the rear axle (from a sidecar of SZA). The handlebar is home-made, like the lining. A well blended with the design of the fuel tank — from “Verkhovyna-3”.

The tillers initially used (in the hitch with a cargo truck) as the vehicle, no complaints, his work did not cause. But when plowing heavy soils it turned out that the engine is in dire need of forced cooling.
Mentally weighed his more than modest means, I decided to fix the installation under the hood of a small, but strong enough fan that can create the required air flow for more intense than before, the cooling of the engine. A suitable three-blade impeller and a motor, designed to work from 12V DC, found fast enough. From scrap materials made and the appropriate bracket fixing it in a convenient location. But where to get a constant current source to force a “collecting” the fan spin? To purchase specifically for this expensive battery?
Circuit diagram of power under the hood fan
A circuit diagram of a power underhood fan.
And then it hit me: instead of whether to use existing alternating current generator, further connecting it to the rectifier bridge, assembled on semiconductor diodes. The solution is simple, but what is the result?..
The last has surpassed all my expectations. Assembled on the basic scheme, the air cooling system work. Oh, what a pleasure to watch!
Vinnitsa region

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