FROM THE WRECKAGE OF A TOOLIt is known that the fabric of the hacksaw on the metal is excellent steel, so any, even a small chip count, the initial workpiece for the different cutting tool. The options presented here do not exhaust the varieties of fixtures that you can obtain from a broken saw blade.

First, you need to make a handle for future cutters. Take, for example, pipe diameter 20 — 25 mm from any non-ferrous metal. It is convenient because one end can easily turn into a tool holder for cutters and the other in the canister for storage, tucked into a suitable tube.
To get a holder, it is enough with a file to whittle down one side before the formation of the longitudinal groove and then flatten the end, laying it in a plate slightly thicker than the saw blade. It remains to drill a hole for the fixing screw with a round nut with a notch. A similar hole is drilled at the end of each fragment files, pre-released on fire (heated to redness and allowed to cool in air).
Then proceed to the formation of a set of cutters. Of the longest chip manufacture knife-blade, which just sharpen imperforated edge. From short fragments will turn out a whole range of cutters for different works. For example, for cutting leather, rubber, cardboard irreplaceable so-called knife-Bong, in which the blade is sharpened obliquely and only on one side. Close to him, but with his form sharpening the cutters: working with wood, for example, for carving. A small chisel will work if you sharpen the end edge of the chip. At the grindstone it is easy to give the fabric hook-shape is the claw for cutting Plexiglas, textolite, Micarta or other solid sheet materials. A sharpened inside a claw — convenient cutter in cutting the electric cables, removing wires with rubber or plastic insulation. A sharp beak is a Scriber or awl.
Universal handle for cutters
Universal handle for cutters:
1 — tube pencil case, 2 screw — lingering, 3 — nut, 4 — tube pencil case, 5 saw.

We have given only a brief enumeration of the tool from the saw blade, and variations of it are truly endless. Here you took a wooden rail and at one end drove a nail and on another made a groove under the already mentioned joint, which is secured by screw — get a knife and a pair of compasses: it is convenient to cut circular blanks or holes of different diameters, you only need to change the location of the nail.
And enshrined in cycle, even the raw chip nail files will make it easier to remove rust, sweep plastered surfaces, plastics, wood, non-ferrous metal. No, don’t throw away the wreckage of the saw blade: they are able to find a second working life.
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