C-27JA cargo aircraft C-27J “Spartan” set up jointly by the Italian company “Alenia Arepas” and the American “Lockheed”. Its predecessor—the Italian light military transport aircraft G. 222″, Alenia” made its first flight in 1973 and produced until 2000, Only built 124 machines of this type. Ten of them are operating in the USA under the designation C-27A.


The C-27J made under the scheme vysokoplan with the landing gear installed on the fuselage. The main external difference between the C-27J from its predecessor steel turboprop engines, the AE 2100D2 company “rolls-Royce” takeoff power at 4640 BHP, equipped with propellers with six propeller blades of composite materials significantly reduced the noise compared to aircraft G. 222.
The airframe is mostly made of aluminum alloys. Aft of the pressurized cargo compartment has a hatch ramp type. The aircraft is equipped with radar AN/APN-241, and virtually all information needed by the crew is displayed on the five LCD multifunction color indicators.
The prototype C-27J from the G. 222 converted, first flew on 24 September 1999 and the following year is announced.
Engines,”rolls-Royce” AE 2100D2. The wingspan is 28,7 m and it has an area of 82 m2. Length—22,7 m Parking height of 10.57 m. Maximum take-off weight 31 800 kg. Maximum weight landing loads -10 225 kg Maximum speed 602 km/h Practical ceiling—9145 m Maximum range no load—5930 km, with a payload of 10 kg 225—2150 km. Run-up/run—410/390 m Crew—2 persons.

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