LOCKHEED P-3 As the basis for “Orion” used passenger aircraft L-188 “Electra”, (1957). Military R-3 differed shortened fuselage, the top of which housed the equipment and operators, and in the lower compartment for weapons and sonobuoys. Appeared Under the wing pylons for the suspension arms and in the rear – magnetometer. The aircraft can carry guided and unguided rockets, conventional and deep (including nuclear) bombs, homing torpedoes, and aerial mines.

The prototype P-3 made its first flight November 25, 1959, and the first production copy took to the air on 15 April 1961 In part of naval aviation, the US “Orion” arrived in July 1962
The aircraft series was built in the US in several versions, and the version of P-ZS – also under license in Japan. Just released 650 cars in America and 97 in Japan. “Orion” repeatedly modernized, Osamas all better equipment and weapons.
At different times of the R-3 was used in 18 countries. Serve these machines to this day. The Orions patrolling water areas, searching for submarines and surface ships and vessels. Special options are weather and electronic intelligence, and are used in various experimental programs.
Data, P-3C “Orion”. the Crew – 10 – 11. Wingspan -30,38 m, the length of the plane – 35,61 m, a height of 10.27 m. the Power plant four – turboprop Т56-A14 at 4910 E. L. S. empty Weight – 30 350 kg, normal takeoff – 63 390 kg maximum take-off – 64 410 kg Combat load of 9070 kg. top speed of 746 km/h, service ceiling 7315 m, maximum flight range is 8375 km

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