TT-1 Pinto (USA)

TT-1 Pinto (USA)Double training aircraft “model 51″ the firm”, Temko aircraft Corporation” developed in 1955 in the framework of the competition announced the U.S. air force on the creation of training aircraft. “Model 51”, called TT-1 “Pinto”, lost the contest plane “Cessna T-37”. TT-1 made its first flight in 1956, after which the prototype was sent to the Aviation test centre of the Navy (PATS), where was evaluated in comparison with the “beach Mod” 73 jet Mentor. In the period from 1955 to 1957, was built 14 aircraft TT-1 “Pinto”.

In 1959, these aircraft were used in “air Training Command” in Florida, in the program of creation of a technique of flight training in jet engines. By the end of the 1960s, exploitation of the TT-1 With naval aviation was discontinued, and the remaining aircraft sold to private individuals. In 1968 the firm of AL (hereinafter “Gulfstream”) redesigned the plane, replacing the engine 369 for С3610 increased traction. The new aircraft, called AJI T-610 “Super Pinto”, in addition to training, and was positioned as a light attack aircraft. The prototype of the “Super Pinto”, with the production license was sold to the Philippines, which had planned to release an aircraft called the T-610 “Cali”.
Basic data of TT-1 “Pinto”. Engine – “Teledyne YJ69 SAE-T-9” rod 426 kgs. The wingspan is of 9.09 m Length of 9.33 m. wing Area is 13.9 m2. Takeoff weight – 2,018 t Maximum speed 556 km/h Practical ceiling – 9,145 km away and has a Range of 444 km. the Crew – 2 people.

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