CDSSince 1981, these disks began to advance and now it is not only a device for storing information for computers, and discs with your favorite music or your favorite movies.
And here is how to make these disks on an industrial scale and how they put it on these discs says this video.

CD-ROM (eng. Compact Disc) — optical storage medium in the form of a plastic disk with a hole in the center, the process of recording and reading of information is carried out with a laser. Further development of the CD-ROM became a DVD.

Initially, the CD was created for storing audio in digital form (known as CD-Audio), but later became widely used as a carrier for the storage of any data (files) in binary form (so-called CD-ROM (eng. Compact Disc Read Only Memory, CD-ROM only readable), or CD-ROM — “Compact disc, the permanent storage device”). Subsequently, there were CDs not only readable once placed on them, but with the possibility of recording and rewriting (CD-R, CD-RW).