SNOWBOARDSSnowboarding is a sport that has gained huge popularity in most ski centers all over the world. Similar to skateboarding, plus the unforgettable romantic mountain peaks attracted to this sport more and more people of different ages.
Many believe that learning to snowboard is easier than skiing, and that the Board provides more freedom to perform different tricks and pirouettes. However, regardless of this You need to learn some things, which is the basis of snowboarding, and which are necessary for the correct selection of equipment for skiing.

Types and styles of boards Although each manufacturer, improving its technologies and considering the views of riders trying to make their boards a something new and unique, the basic categories of boards for snowboarding remain unchanged:
Freestyle / freestyle — This style is most popular with beginners. The Board in this direction allow us to make short turns without much effort. The beauty of these boards is that due to its softness they are ideal for performing various stunts, skiing halfpipe and snowboard parks. The nose and tail are symmetrical geometry, allowing the same easy to move in any stance. To ski on these planks, it is recommended to use soft boots.
Freeride / freeride — As the name implies (free-riding) of a Board of this direction is designed to be ridden on any hills with any snow. They are more rigid, some are longer and thinner than prystailove. For skiing on these boards recommended a soft, but more the long boots and soft mounts.
Race carve — This category snowboard is used to achieve high speeds, mainly on well-prepared slopes. Such boards are very tough, have straight, not curled tail, which provides maximum contact between the edging boards and the snow. This allows to achieve a more stable high speed driving and fast perekantovki. On boards of this type are the athletes participating in disciplines such as slalom and giant slalom.To ski on these planks needed solid shoes similar to the ski, providing better control of the Board.