BIRD To talk about what benefits the garden, vegetable garden or country site bring poultry, it is not even necessary. But it is, so to say, the practical side of the question. What a pleasure deliver bird man his singing—it is too intense. But what of a bird to its nest will summer residents like your plantings, more of a coincidence than a pattern. To lure the birds to your plot offer to make a simple cottage-birdhouse, so that it could fit and live a more birds—make it attic and even the “apartment”.


The most suitable material for exterior walls and roof of bird house would be a Board with a groove on one edge and groove on the other (the so-called “lining”) with a thickness of 20 mm and a width of 90 mm. For room-the comb suitable conventional cutting Board of the same thickness and a width of 150 mm. Only do not want to take this viersprong raw material after drying to the air humidity in the boards there will be cracks through which will blow the drafts, which are very poorly tolerate the Chicks.


Dimensions of bird house this indicative, but not worth much to decrease or increase—in my opinion, these sizes are optimal.
To connect the parts can fit regular nails, it is only necessary to ensure that their sharp ends never come out. Collecting cell room and setting the house attic (“broken”) roof, we’ll have to drive nails along the grain of the wooden parts. Maybe professional carpenters don’t do that, but because these elements are weight training compression-only (and small), and strength of the whole structure of the bird house is not affected, it is possible to waive the rules.
“Multi-family” garden house for the birds:
1 —a wall front facade, the back wall of deaf—without latkovich holes (lining s20); 2—pitched part of the roof (lining s20, 2); 3—ridge of the roof (lining s20, 2pcs); 4—cradle (steel plate s3…4); 5—pole(tube 1″); 6—brace (pipe 1/2″, 3 pieces); 7—triangular base (reinforcing bar Ø10); 8—beam (reinforcing bar Ø10, 3). 9—pins (reinforcing wire Ø6, as required); 10—coupling (G1″); 11 — tube (tube 1″); 12—step (thick Ø10, 5 PCs); 13—ironware (furniture nail, on demand)

As you know, the most dreadful and insidious enemy of birds—a cat. And therefore to fix the house, say, to the trunk of a tree is unwise. Slightly better in this respect and a wooden pole. If the cat to the bird and will not get, will try, too, may scare the birds from the house. It is a good idea to install a birdhouse on a pole of metal (steel) pipe, even if not very high—so it is not able to climb even the slickest cat.
For attachment of the house to this pole is made platform-tool tray made of sheet steel with a thickness of 3-4 mm, commensurate with the bottom (floor) of the cell rooms. In the site perimeter near the edges of the drilled holes for the nails on them are laid out in the floor their point of clogging. Then to the platform in the center is welded a short section of pipe and the bottom is fixed to the platform furniture nails (with large heads). Further nails under the platform is folded and the ends sticking welding.
In the future, there are several ways to connect a branch pipe with a pole. The simplest of them—the parts ends are joined and welded together in a circle (as shown in pictures). But this connection all-in-one. You can connect the parts by a clutch (as on the drawing), but then it is necessary for connecting the ends of the cut threads. Removable another option is to pick up the pipe an outer diameter slightly smaller inner diameter of the pipe pole (or Vice versa: inner diameter slightly larger than the outer—pole). Then the pipe can be inserted into the pole (or to wear). To lock the connection pin from the bolt (or nail) through the jointly drilled in the pipe diametrical hole.
Inner cell
Internal cell rooms bird house (all parts are made from edging boards s20, b150):
1—a ceiling; 2—a wall (7 PCs); 3—overlap; 4—pole

Do not try to look in the house until the birds live in it and flew off to winter in warmer climes: while birds live near people, but intervention in their family Affairs do not tolerate and change the place of residence. But if frightened, they can even throw their Chicks.
And again. Very rational it would be to make a “mobile” version of the house, installing the pole on a private basis. Then the house can be installed anywhere in the garden, and where to attach-it is not particularly what. In addition, if the first (or second) time you fail to choose a location for the house, in the off-season (after the departure of the birds to warmer climes or before their arrival) this place can be changed. At the same time, removing the roof, you can clear the “flats” of birds from last year’s garbage.
The most rational form of the base—triangle with rays going from the corners to the center (remember from a school course of geometry which intersect the median, they are the same bisector and altitude in an equilateral triangle?). From these angles, only up directed struts.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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