INDISPENSABLE IN THE FALLA horizontal strap, with teeth so attached to the middle of the handle — that, in fact, the whole design is as old as the world agricultural implement, without which no gardener-lover or gardener cannot do. Of course, it is a rake. With amazing simplicity the prototype, production versions nevertheless there are many. And each with its own speciality: unusual selection used in the construction of materials to increase functionality of the product.

It seems that this nobody is declared but is actively ongoing, unofficial contest of ideas and search for new technical solutions for improving the rake continues. Moreover, he will not cease its existence, it seems, continue. Proof may be no diminishing flow of letters to the editor, the authors offer their own, different from the other options remaining are still needed for the farm tools — rakes. Two of these letters predstaveni in the published collection.
Autumn. Sung by poets of the time — the eyes of enchantment, when pleasure and dressed in a crimson forest to walk, and hear the branches cracking and the leaves are a foot to rake. But for the Amateur gardener, say, or an avid gardener, fall is a time of pretty intense work. The same foliage, for example, time is needed to clean up, earth-nurse for the winter and next spring to prepare. Each of these operations seems simple, but time consuming, requires appropriate equipment. In particular, we need a convenient and practical rake.
I suggest not to chase after the purchase, and to take seriously in a makeshift structure. The more material it requires, so to speak, the “bargain”. And the production takes a minimum of time. But the benefits in operation there. Rakes are strong, well loosen V-shaped spring tines of the surface layer of soil, breaking up clumps, but without damaging the plant roots. They are also convenient to use when the clean-up of debris, fallen leaves.
So, stock up pipe from an old, dilapidated rake, a pair of corners of 30X30 mm in length (depending on the planned number and pitch of teeth) 200-400 mm; five M5 bolts with nuts and a corresponding piece carbon steel spring wire with a diameter of 4 mm. Bending of the latter so as to form V-shaped teeth, clamp it between two corners, as shown in the figure, and tighten the three bolts with nuts. Top attach the two bolt up and by plugging in the stalk (with a diameter of 30 mm, a length of 1300-1600 mm), start working on the site. After all, winter is around the corner!
V. ZHUK, G. Khmelnitsky

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