LASER LEVELWho does not know laser pointer as a former very popular among students? Meanwhile, with this kind of laser can do some very useful measuring and marking tools that will find a place in the Arsenal of any home worker.

Here is one of them. It is enough to fix this pointer to an ordinary carpenter’s level and to provide a simple adjusting device and by means of such laser tool you will be able to lay the Foundation for a country house, or make it the floor is absolutely horizontal. There is another way “Proeski” when suburban building horizontally using the laser plummet. The basis of this tool is also a laser pointer. You need to fix it in a fairly massive plumb Bob cylindrical shape perpendicular to its longitudinal axis — this is more convenient to drill the cylinder holes of a diameter of a laser pointer. Now hang the instrument on the tripod of slats in the middle of the future house and carefully bring the cylinder in rotation while sliding on the pegs marking the laser beam will always remain in the horizontal plane — you just have to apply a marker notch on the pegs where they are for the laser beam.

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