NO WORSE THAN FLATThe simplest water supply and Sewerage for country home. To live in the country like human beings, should, in principle, not so much — light, water, a decent toilet and sanitation. With the light problems not too much— even if there is no centralized electrification of the suburban village, you can buy portable gasoline generator and enjoy all the benefits of civilization, which gives electricity.

No problems with toilet — accustomed to urban comforts it can buy a modern composting toilet.
As for water and sewage… In the store you can’t buy them and “decorate” country kitchen hanging washstand and slop bucket as you do not want.
I want to share the experience of creating in the country a comfortable kitchen with a simple water and sanitation.
To start I installed in the kitchen an ordinary cupboard with a sink. Over the sink, fixed the sink, and a locker put a bucket for dirty water. On the outside everything looked nice, but at least twice a day had to endure God knows what filled the bucket and look for a place to throw him out. In short, I had to think about simple sanitation.
Country plumbing
Country plumbing:
1 — canister for water; 2 — tube canisters; 3 — short choke; 4 — long nipple; 5 — pump; 6 — a hose for air supply; 7 — water hose; 8 — sink; 9 — crane

After reviewing the relevant literature, I realized that I need to build something like a field irrigation. First of all, this became a corrugated plastic sleeve such flexible pipes of various diameters are used for wiring. Picked up a sleeve of such diameter that it can be easy to dock with the release of the sink.
Cut the hole in the floor under the sleeve, missed it in the underground space, and, moving outwards, then along the groove, open the “bayonet” of the shovel, carried it to the fence. Along the fence dug a deeper trench of about 0.5 m. Notice, my plot to the location of the trench has a slight natural slope, so that problems with the flow of water out of the sewer pipe later was not.
Covered the bottom of the trench 10 cm layer of gravel, put on some plastic sleeves, pre-punctures in her 4 inch nail embedded in a wooden handle, a plurality of openings. Then covered this part of the pipe with nylon mesh (this is used as the window to protect homes from mosquitoes) and poured in a trench of gravel to approximately half its depth. In conclusion, the trench was filled with soil.
The end of the sleeve is left on the surface, and the outlet is choked tube and a closed housing made from a plastic basin and bucket (if necessary through the opening of the tube can be rinsed or cleaned).
The device of sewer trenches on the dacha
The device of sewer trenches on the dacha:
1,2 — guard outlet plastic sleeves; 3 — corrugated plastic sleeve; 4 — soil; 5 — gravel; 6 — nylon mesh

That’s all. While the standard daily water consumption in one or two buckets of sewer trench easily photoset her. Wash purchased screen filter — otherwise, the cooking debris will quickly clog the drain and pipes have too often to clean.
All about building in the country can be found on the website:
After the “disappearance” of the cupboard under the sink bucket with dirty water the sink on the wall began to look anachronistic. Because our holiday village centralized water supply not yet in sight and the water has to be from a well — had to think over how to build a kind of plumbing.
In the cupboard under the sink I installed a plastic 10-liter canister (with her we went to the well for water), embedded in its two steel tube fitting, as shown in the figure, by connecting one of them with a rubber hose with a tap at the sink and the other with a foot pump used for inflating rubber boats or mattresses. A few strokes — and the tap starts to leak water. Now our country kitchen comfort is not inferior city!

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