Sandwich chimneys: design and benefits

Sandwich chimneys: the design and benefitsOne of the essential elements of the furnace chimney. With its help output products of combustion. Such an element can be of different types. Now widespread sandwich chimneys, which are made of stainless steel.


Design features

Sandwich chimney (see here) — this design, which consists of double-walled pipes. Between the pipes is laid insulating material. The tubes themselves are made of stainless steel. Sometimes it is also used galvanized steel. Thermal insulation material is most often basalt or perlite.


There are also several additional elements. On www.kamin42 to read about the chimneys of different designs, however some elements will be the same for all models. So, in addition to pipes, an important structural element is the tee. This item allows you to connect the chimney to the fireplace firebox. No less important is the role of the knee. This detail is necessary to ensure that the chimney could do curved.


The chimney passes through the roof. To do this, requires elements of the passage roof.


Thanks to the special design of sandwich-the chimney efficiently performs its functions. This element is primarily attractive for its resistance. High-quality steel withstands high temperatures and sudden temperature drops. This is why sandwich chimneys is recommended if the house is built of materials that are flammable (e.g. wood).


Another important advantage is the moisture of the chimney. Water vapor constitute the condensate. It can eventually destroy the smoke channel. Stainless steel chimneys are not afraid of moisture, corrosion.


In addition, sandwich chimneys are resistant to aggressive substances. In the combustion of the allocated a lot of aggressive acids. Settling on the walls, they can cause corrosion. However, steel can easily withstand the aggressive effects that allows you to operate the fireplace for many years.



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