SAWMILL-IMPROMPTULumber for construction in the suburban area is always a concern and sometimes a problem. At the same time when clearing dedicated to building playgrounds felled trees — not such a rarity; in the best case they go for firewood.I want to share my experience a more rational use of this raw wood — the dissolution of it on the boards or timber.

On a conventional circular saws, which are sold in stores, six-meter beam will not be processed — it wouldn’t move, and the saw blade is required with a diameter of about 500 mm. Moving, of course, it’s easier to not log, and the “circular saw” on some rails, while maintaining their preferred mutual disposition: log from above — saw the side from the bottom.
The saw blade of the desired diameter, it is easy to make from steel or dural sheet with a thickness of 3 mm. oddly enough, but it needs just one or three teeth, the power of the motor must be respectively 1 or 2 kW.
The design guide is selected depending on the material at hand. The simplest version: take logs and processed on the top and sides with an axe and a plane. In circumference of the treated surfaces of the logs cobble together from boards U-shaped saddle (like caliper), and the guide is ready. The saddle is attached to the motor with a saw blade or “saw”.
Most importantly and perhaps most challenging — tooth-cutter. It is made separately from the disk, this requires small tools and a knife. The cutter must be of high speed steel (samakal) with cutting angle 30° and the back angles less than 15°. It may be carved from a broken drill bit or carbide plate, for example, roller glass cutter.
Sawing installation
Sawing installation:
1 —log-a guide; 2 — support; 3 — motor; 4 — mandrel; 5 — panel fencing; 6 — disc circular saw; 7 — the lever-the latch of sawn timber; 8 — beam; 9 — knife spacer; 10 — trim rail (steel area).
The attachment of the tooth-cutter

The attachment of the tooth-cutter:
1 — drive; 2 — tooth cutter (3 PCs); 3 — rivet-lock cutter.

The tooth has just cut. Although careful balancing of the disc optional, the friction of its wall cut is unacceptable.
Special attention to safety. From a sheet of plywood somewhat larger than the disk made shield. Rear disc caliper is attached to the spacer knife (view a). The disc is mounted on the axle snugly, but not tightly — you need to leave him the opportunity to rotate in case of an accidental shock load. The caliper moves forward by a pusher of a dry stick, smoothly and without jerks. It is necessary to work with the glasses, and the place of work — not to admit outsiders.
Lead technical specifications of your saw. Drive it — three-phase power 1.7 kW at 3000 Rev/min, with capacitors. The outer diameter of the disc 520 mm; mandrel — 50 mm. I installed three of the tooth plates of VK8 — to the best of his balance. Length of logs-guide — 7 m; edges reinforced corners. The performance of two six-meter timber per hour or 4 m2 of boards of excellent quality.

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