AND FLOAT-MECHANISMTo have Pets in the farm economy, of course, fine, but try to feed them! For many of them forage vegetables — pumpkin, beets, and other succulent forage — you have to shred on a grater. In the end I tired of every day for one to two hours to do such unproductive work, and I made electrothermo. Just three or four minutes she grinds is so much food that its enough for two adult pigs.

Working tool of my tools — a drum with holes, impaled on the shaft. Bearings, in which rotates the shaft, placed in casing. Last mounted on the frame, welded from steel profiles “corner” 40X40 mm. the axis of the drum has an angle of inclination to the horizontal of approximately 30°.
The drive drum motor power of 400 W through a double V-belt reducer. The gear ratio is selected so that the frequency of rotation of the drum does not exceed 65 rpm, the grater works more effectively.
Since the crushed mass into the cavity of the drum, in its lower front part cut two holes, through which poured in and filled a bucket of ready feed mass.
Device elektroterra
Device electrothermy:
1 box (hopper), 2 — pulley, 3 — intermediate pulley, 4 —a motor 5 — drive pulley, 6 — frame electrothermy, 7 — container for pureed mass, 8 — bearing housing 9 — grater drum.

Above the drum is a box for Zaklady vegetables. The gap between the drawer and the drum should be minimal.
The drawings schematically shows a device electrothermy. More detailed drawings, I think, and don’t need the unit design is quite simple.
TANASOV I., p.’shanka, Kirovogradska oblast

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