BOAT-BAULAmong the boats built by Amateurs for their own projects, occupy a special place, as we now say, a “mini-design”. To them, undoubtedly, belongs and the boat is”baby”, created by our reader from Kiev N. G. Tarasyuk. A sheet of plywood, a few pine planks, half a kilo of casein glue or epoxy is all that is needed for its production. The capacity of “baby” is such that allows the two to take a little walk, to fish and hunt. The boat sits perfectly on krasivom the trunk of the car, and for transportation provided manually miniature truck on one wheel from scooter (size 12(1/2)x2(3/4).


The frame of the boat (see picture). consists of three parts: the keel timber and stem samotnih two identical frames connected by the M5 bolts, with epoxy glue. All items are made of pine, pasted on both sides with plywood with a thickness of 5 mm or made of layered plywood with a thickness of 10-12 mm. the Covering of a boat being in the following order: first, three-layer plywood with a thickness of 3 mm is sutured, the entire middle part of the body between the frames (the direction of the outer layers should be longitudinal from bow to stern). Spread glue on the frame, the plywood attached to the keel first, and then gradually and consistently attract to the sides with screws 25X3. The result is a rigid, semicircular box is a trunk, then edged forward and aft. And ka the nose put more than thin plywood (2-2,5 mm), since fat is harder to bend.
The finished hull is glued in a single layer fiberglass epoxy resin and painted with synthetic enamels. Then in the aft part of the bottom is installed the keel, as shown in the figure.
The frame of the boat and its hull.
The frame of the boat and its hull.
For attaching wheel bracket through the bottom skipped two M8 studs. The bracket is welded from thin-walled steel tubes (frame of the old bike). After the descent of the boats into the water it is removed and placed with the wheel in the bow of the boat.
Wing paddles have an outrigger made of round pine poles Ø 50 mm, planed to the ends of the cone; blades made of waterproof plywood with a thickness of 5 mm on the edges of the pasted strip of fiberglass on epoxy glue.

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