CHERNIGOV PATENTSChildren in a hurry. They are in a hurry to become adults. This children’s line for the purpose of education first used, perhaps, to A. S. Makarenko. He loaded the boys a real job and turned irresponsible brats to serious people, proud of themselves and their work.

That is such a serious and thoughtful people I saw in the hall of one of the pavilions ENEA, when there were all-Union seminar of young technicians. The participants were children, teenagers, ordinary students, but they came out to the podium, and in their speeches mentioned adult concerns of big business. Young machine operators of collective farm “Russia” in the Stavropol territory themselves repairing farm machinery of their student teams. Young borovtsy Kuban design of compact tractors and mounted guns to them and use them for work on a small school arrays. In the Gorky region school children are grown and harvested in their fields a great harvest.
They talked about things that far in our submission from infantile Hobbies. The decor in the room actually looked like what happens when going to the Council of masters. Face attentive, in the eyes of fear to miss a word. It was felt that these children constitute the real work force, you can count on, and if you need to and lean on.
I. P. Evdokimenko directs the final preparations to send units to the USSR national economy.
P. I. Evdokimenko directs the final preparations to send units on VDNH USSR.
What causes the feeling, explained crnokosa-eyed girl from Chernigov. Struck a deep awareness of the word:
We know what we are doing, really need the people, making the work easier.
Said Tanya Sokolova, draftsman from the circle of Ivan Petrovich Evdokimenko.
Chernigov is an amazing city. First mentioned in the “tale of bygone years” under the year 907. It gave Russian culture such monuments and as many such names that one would be enough to glorify the century, even the larger town. In Chernihiv — the first of the surviving architectural masterpieces, built by Russian architects. Here were Pushkin, Shevchenko, Gogol, Repin, Glinka. Here lived and died the great Ukrainian writer M. M. Kotsyubinsky revolutionary, was born near Alexander Dovzhenko. Chernihiv land keeps the memory of serving in the local garrison Emelianov Pugachev, the people of Dmitri Lizogub, the legendary heroes of the revolution and the civil war, Antonov-Ovseyenko, Podvoisky, Schors, Vitaly Primakov.
In Chernihiv was born Kibalchich. Here (that’s a coincidence!) childhood Sergei Korolev. The desire to justify the title of fellow of the great designers and does not sleep Chernigov boys and girls…
Timid insecure fifth-grade, they look at the door workshops, which deals with children Ivan Petrovich — the head of the design group on agricultural modeling regional station of young technicians. And, as a rule, do not leave until the end of school.
— I’m wary of those who are lead by the hand moms and dads. Another thing, if a child came by himself. So it led to us interest, instinctive love of cars, to metal, says P. I. Yevdokymenko. — Such fun to work with, and most of all their passion becomes a profession.
I noticed that children will do what you yourself are passionate about. Students will not “stick” if he treat the matter formally.
Have Evdokimenko they “stick”. His enthusiasm is contagious. Such as Ivan Petrovich, a little — says Grigory B. Port, Director of the Chernihiv suit. Maybe a day to mess with the guys in the workshops — it is a pity to leave without completing the next fixture. Can permanently stay with one person, if he sees that we need his experience and support. And, having become acquainted with him at once understand that his grateful love you guys: he takes them seriously.
In workshops Ivan Petrovich did not play “for fun”. Work here. Not just a master of the lathe, milling machines, drilling machines, and make them part of mechanisms that together design. Not just “develop spatial imagination” and produce working drawings of their own machines. And decide which process is most in need of their urgent intervention. Nurture yourself, and bring hone to the last screw idea. Themselves clothe her “flesh and blood” and the first test model
And then the station receives letters like this: “Fruitful
job design mug is training pupils. Numerous design mechanisms, machines, devices, developed by circle have economic value”. Neither more nor less. It is written not for the sake of a witticism, an opinion belongs to the scientist, the staff of the Ukrainian research station of beekeeping Come copyright certificates of the Committee for inventions and discoveries under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Receive applications from the farms, organizations and plants: “let me come. Please make so many designs.”
Evdokimenko appeared in Chernihiv syut in 1953. Over the years, the circle of agricultural models developed 105 models of mechanisms, machines, devices. 11 implemented in production. Among them — mounted tractor lift allowing you to remove the engine from the combine harvester, a hinged device for tractors for transportation of mineral and organic fertilizers in the gardens, between rows. And a special place in the work of the club is, of course, the mechanization of beekeeping.
For a long time, since childhood, was fascinated by Ivan Petrovich bees. And now this seemingly minor branch of agriculture has become a subject of intense study and design searches his mug.
The thing is that the Chernihiv region — the birthplace of cultural beekeeping here in the last century have worked with the world’s first inventor of the frame beehive of Petro Prokopovich But since that time the mechanization of beekeeping has evolved very little, many time-consuming processes are still done manually. Circle of selhoztehnika took on the role of a follower of Prokopovich.
The guys start with that you should get acquainted with the technology “experimental” surgery. This happens usually in one of the closest to the city farms, where they go on excursions. These excursions are included in the plan and are an integral part of the work. “Hearsay” here nothing is done, all is necessary to imagine vividly, tangibly. Then with the help of experienced beekeepers (Ivan Petrovich — one of them) the guys put in front of a specific search task on the development of new designs.
Machine for uncapping honeycombs, for example. The existing machines with vibratory pumps uncomfortable and unproductive. So beekeepers prefer to print out cell center ordinary knives. Young Chernihiv inventors developed and manufactured in its workshops radically new rotating unit for uncapping combs with an output of 600 frames per hour. Honeycombs are placed in a special cassette. Button working down the tape, and while it goes down, the wax seal is removed by needle cutters and discharged into a special tank, and a cassette with the opening of the honey frame rises. It remains only to remove. The whole operation takes exactly 4 seconds.
The unit operates in combination with mnogoznachnoi cassette honey extractor, the construction of which also belongs to the young Chernigov. Small tech called chordially of honey existed in Russia since 1814. Their work consisted of the following: cassette with exposed honeycombs were set in a round cylinder at the chords (hence the name: jorgelina) and under the action of centrifugal force the honey suction. Were these medogonki one drawback: at the same time suction
the honey on only one side of the four combs. Then the drum had to stop, pull out the honeycomb, flip and repeat the operation. Technique, and say, “on the verge of fantasy”! Evdokimenkova Pets offered a very simple thing. They are arranged in the honeycomb drum is not vertically but horizontally, in tiers. Now honey is pumped from both sides forty the comb. The nominal capacity of such a honey — 100 frames in an hour, 10 hours to drain the honey from a hundred bee colonies.
Complex mechanization center (here is the portable lift of the buildings of the hive and a few other devices) transmitted by the Ministry of agriculture of the USSR for industrial production and implementation of apiaries of kolkhozes and sovkhozes. All these inventions received a patent…
As Evdokimov continues to “gush” of ideas himself and skillfully nurture the creative imagination of the children. He is a teacher as designer, “by the grace of God.”
Pedagogical Institute imeni T. Shevchenko gave at his disposal a well-equipped training workshops. Here it is with the students of engineering-pedagogical faculty and here found a place for young technicians. By the way, are there many among us professors, who with such seriousness and dedication would work with children? And Evdokimenko has spared them no peace of their generosity, expertise, experience, skilled man and a talented engineer. His very personality is the best educational tool. These machines, the situation is the relentless pursuit fascinate guys. And senior, and Junior.
What attracts them in the classroom Evdokimenko? I think, first of all — the opportunity to show and test yourself to find out the best of their abilities.
— I was twelve years old when I joined the club, says Boris Lysenko. — With machines was not familiar, on the lessons of labour managed to show only the most simple techniques, and here a year later I was able to work on the lathe, now Ivan Petrovich trust me, drilling, and threading. In school I am an instructor of Metalworking. And with older friends, there are things to talk about with those who work in manufacturing. Love to do something with their hands. It is an interesting thing! Though not simple, is difficult. But when you see that made you profits, there is some pride!
This guy will not be late to hang around in the alley, strum the guitar songs of dubious quality and sloppy to look at passing by girls. He has better things to do and more. Because the attitude is different.
At the exit from the circle guys get the 3rd and 4th bits lathe, milling, fitter and working characteristics. With these documents they are willing to take on Chernihiv enterprises and are often placed directly to the machine — the pupils syut good reputation. Working at an engineering plant a notable innovator Victor Somov — in the past Junior technician. Brothers Valentin and Victor Stretchie — talented locksmiths-rounders. More than a dozen of inventions and rationalization proposals is the engineer-designer of one of the research institutes Yuri Chernov. Many former members became students Evdokimenko at the Institute. It is interesting that, after graduating College, they usually themselves supervise children’s technical creativity in schools.
In 1965 the work of the group was awarded a diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. This immediately raised the prestige of the station of young technicians. The credibility of the station is now “working on it”: many of the former students — now heads of enterprises, institutions and, of course, nothing can deny the club. Know: not to give empty fun, everything will pay off, go on a good, necessary thing. Seriously collaborate with young designers Chernigov scientific-research Institute of labor training and vocational guidance of the Academy of pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, specialized design Bureau of animal husbandry and veterinary engineering, where the industrial development of their designs. Kazakh experimental station of beekeeping, the already mentioned Ukrainian research station of beekeeping. Her children have a permanent “business Commonwealth.”
Well then, tell me, don’t be proud of yourself, not to feel like an equal among adults! But boasting, conceit is not in the students Evdokimenko. Everyone I met, and Natasha Vlasova, and nick weaver, and Lida Petrostar, and Valery Kuzmenko Sasha Darnopikh, ordinary, modest, youthful shy guys. They can not “conceited” — you know the price of success. After all, the designing of new machines is a huge, hard work.
It teaches patience, scrupulous accuracy, and the ability to cross out, if necessary, years and to start all over again.
Rotary machine we reworked six times, — says Ivan Petrovich. — There have been cases, working “in strictest confidence”, and I think victory is at hand. Suddenly comes out of the patent Office letter: in 1924 in Switzerland (say) invented the same apparatus.
And everything has to go.
Here’s another wonderful facet of pedagogical method Evdokimenko — he brings tireless researchers, persistent and stubborn, going to the goal in spite of difficulties and setbacks. Don’t know if it will work the Queen of them, but good people, kind and skillful workers are required.
G. TSILEVICH, our special. Q. Chernigov

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