Elimination of leakage of the washing machine

Elimination of leakage of the washing machineNoticing that the washing machine is leaking, you should immediately rectify the fault. Otherwise, you risk to flood their neighbors and spoil your flooring. Of course, it is better to consult specialists. But what if you have no way to call them? In this case, you will have to act independently. The first thing you need to turn off the water and off the machine from the network, and then to proceed to its inspection. Causes of leaks can be many. Let’s look at them.


If the problem is a leaking hose, it can be resolved very quickly, without spending extra effort and money. In the event of a leak in the joint machine and hose should be removed and replace the gasket.


There are cases of damage to the rubber hose. The puncture zamatyvaetsya tape, but this option will be temporary. In any case, in the near future, the hose will need to be replaced and it is better to consult the experts http://alm-remont.com.ua/remont-stiralnyh-mashin-candy.


Noticing that the machine starts to leak after the incoming water, I can conclude that the problem is in a removable compartment, into which is poured washing powder. It can become clogged for the following reasons:

  • the powder does not dissolve and clog the grate;
  • after the dirty water in the compartment there was a Deposit;
  • too much water pressure;

The first step is to clean out the removable compartment and reduce water pressure. If the problem persists, then without the services of professionals you can not do. In this case, you need to replace the exhaust valve.

Cuff door

If you notice that the water flowing out of the door, the problem is the cuff. The injury can be glued with a small patch made of rubber.

A leak in the “extraction”

In this case, you should replace the seal. But first, you need to completely inspect the washing machine, perhaps you made a mistake in leaking.


Of course, the tank is made of durable steel, which is very difficult to damage. But if you wash in your machine, shoes, clothes, which are sewn iron buckles or metal products, tank damage can not be avoided. The reason to correct yourself is not possible. You will have to call professionals http://alm-remont.com.ua/remont-stiralnyh-mashin-electroluxwho will be able to help.



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