Free time, whether it is a holiday or weekend, we as a family try to spend Hiking: Hiking and Biking, road and water. Visited the Baltic States, Karelia, the Crimea, the Caucasus, in the steppes of Azov. In fifteen years of travel we have accumulated some stock of design discoveries helping to resolve problems often faced by tourists. One of them have. I would like to share.
The tourists, hunters, anglers often look for a way to transport inflatable boats. It is sold Packed in one, by the way, very uncomfortable perekisnoe bag, and paddle to it in another. Multi-day do water crossings require a lot of Luggage. Two tourists, for example, have to carry two backpack 20-25 kg each, the boat is still 25-30 kg, paddles, tent… will Not help and pharmaceutically tourist trolley, it is painfully cumbersome, in my opinion, and heavy.
So on behalf of our family KB offered to make a “diplomat” for inflatable boats.
You will need the dural tube from the old clamshell (you can use ski poles), two pram wheels and two free evenings.
We started with the fact that cut out of the frame of cots procurement framework is shown in figure 1. Then, inserting the tube of strong wood, connected them with rivets (screws).
Fig. 1. The layout of the goods at the diplomat and the design of the connection nodes of the lids.
Fig. 1. The layout of the goods at the diplomat and the design of the connection nodes of caps (A top node, B — bottom):
1 — dural tube upper cover, 2 — paddle, 3 — single connecting strips, 4 — dural tube bottom lid, 5 — inflatable boat, tent and other supplies in the pack, 6 — double connecting rod, 7 — nuts and 8 studs, 9 — bolts 10 — washers, 11 — wheel, 12 — a wooden liner.
In the thus obtained part was secured with cords inflatable pillow that came with the boat is the cover of our “diplomat”. We connected the metal straps in such a way that between the caps in the closed position remained the clearance of about 180 mm.
In such package sizes 700Х540Х220 mm freely Packed double inflatable boat with oars, in addition, another double tent, two or three children’s inflatable “log” or inner tube in a deflated condition.
One pair of connecting straps made double, to allow the mounting bolts to put on the pram wheels and roll “diplomat” behind him, holding on to the exposed paddle.
It is easy to transport and Bicycle. If the bike is foldable, it is in turn well fit on a raft made of the expanded “diplomat” with a pouty pillows. You receive a comprehensive trek — water-bike.
Prolonged water travel on the rivers, the raft can be equipped with multiple children’s inflatable “logs”, and he will serve a floating loading platform (Fig. 2) with a displacement of up to 120 kg.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 2. “The diplomat” in the embodiment of the cargo of the raft:
1 — inflatable boat, 2 — tow-hole, 3 — cargo, 4 air-filled cushion “diplomat”, 5 — “the diplomat” unfolded, 6 — inflatable “log”.
In addition, the “diplomat” is expanded and used at stops as a bed or comfortable Hiking chair (Fig. 3).
Fig. 3.
Fig. 3. “Diplomat” model:
1 — “the diplomat”-armchair, 2 — inflatable boat.

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