BEDROOM WARDROBE...BEDROOM WARDROBE...The problem of rational use of residential space inevitably confronts everyone who possesses a small or Studio apartment. That’s why we planned a makeshift wall, which, in addition to rack, mezzanines, and other auxiliary departments, “hiding” would be a sleeper. We were able to collect design for one of the front panel which hides a niche for raised day bed. Due to this freed up space for classes and kids games.

Manufactured by us consists of wall of the wardrobe section for bedding, shelves for books, a mezzanine, a double bed, boxes for chairs, a niche for a cot and a mezzanine for children’s bedding. In the niche behind the bed on the wall is a shelf for books.
Enclosure frame made of wooden bars section 25X50 mm; those that are adjacent to the walls, ceiling and floor mounted rigidly on the dowels. The front panel of the offices are made of plywood 10 mm thickness with additional stiffeners. Instead, you can use chipboard. Doors are held in closed position by magnetic latches.
Frame beds are also collected from bars, using plywood for decorative panels and auxiliary stiffeners. Mattresses size 100Х765Х1900 mm each of two layers of foam rubber, covered with decorative upholstery fabric. Legs of the bed are two sheathed with plywood frame of wooden slats, attached with hinges to the cross members of the frame so that the pivoted bed they descend in the holding position and the rise in niche — fold, forming with the decorative bottom of the bed a single unit.
Fig. 1. Wall bed
Fig. 1. Wall bed:
1 — section for bedding, the 2 — a division, 3, 4, 8 — a mezzanine, 5 bed, 6 — foot, 7 — doors boxes for chairs, 9 — section of children’s bed linen alcove under her cot.

R and p. 2. Frame wall (on the right niches for a cot or in a Cabinet under the radio).
R and S. 2. Frame wall (on the right niches for a cot or in a Cabinet under the radio).
Fig. 3. The bed (decorative bottom plate is not shown)
Fig. 3. The bed (decorative bottom plate is not shown):
1 — foot decorative panel, 2 — bottom, 3 — frame, 4 — hinge sleeve, 5 — head panel, 6 — plate counterweight, 7 — side panel 8 — mattress, 9 — foot, 10 — wire-stop / 11 — piano hinge, 12 — magnetic latch.
With wardrobe bed connected by hinges with ball bearings (but without them, see box). To facilitate raising and lowering the bed is constructed from opposed metal plates weighing about 50 kg, is hung on a transverse bar in the headboard.
The whole front surface of the Cabinet are covered with decorative film with a pattern of “walnut” and covered with a colorless furniture varnish; inside all sections painted light yellow oil paint.
E. A. and SAFRONOV, Krivoy Rog

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