TRUNK-GROUNDThe need to eat regularly is a normal human need. And if at home and at work, and even more so at the organized holiday food established, travel (whether by foot, Bicycle or car) with this, the majority of people usually have problems. To do this, in addition to products to bring crockery, Cutlery, utensils fire pit, skewers, etc., which need to pack something, something to carry (or carry).


And it is desirable that it was all in one place – that is, “at hand” to in case of need – not to rummage through all the Luggage to find the right. And yet sometimes in the journey you want to eat like human beings: sitting at the table and not crawling on my knees around the ground laid out on the tablecloth, on which, mixed up plates, food, ants and leaves, covered with outburst of “hooliganism” in the wind.


That is the basis of these reflections was created Hiking folding trunk-table, to some extent, solved the problem.
The main geometric dimensions of the trunk-table
The main geometric dimensions of the trunk-table
The design and layout of a camp trunk-table
The design and layout of a camp trunk-table:
1 – box (galvanized sheet); 2 – trim trunk (aluminum 15×15 area); 3 – partition; 4 – a cover (galvanized sheet); 5 – “wings” (galvanized sheet, 2pcs); 6 – hinge (piano hinge “wing”, 2); 7 – leg (thin-walled steel pipe Ø12,2); 8 – restrictive chain legs (2 pieces); 9 – piano lid hinge; 10 – a bracket of fastening legs

Camping box
Marching chest
A trunk is transformed into a table
A trunk is transformed into a table
He basically made of galvanized sheet. Used in the manufacture of tools – the most common: metal shears, drill, riveting fixture.
The dimensions of the suitcase in the stowed position: 650x500x150 mm. the Pattern parts are bonded a 4-mm rivets and reinforced at the corners by aluminum angles No. 15. The principle of building and design, I hope is clear from the sketches. Folding legs made of thin-walled steel tubes. The top cover has hinged wings that increase the useful area of the countertop. Although the main tabletop they form a not perfect plane, and slightly protrude above it, but it does not interfere with the meal. And not to accidentally cut himself on wings, their edges seamed.
The scheme of transformation of a trunk into a table (and Vice versa)
Scheme of transformation of the trunk to table (and back)
The interior layout of the trunk: everything has its place
The interior layout of the trunk: everything has its place
Inside the box is divided into compartments by partitions, which do not allow the contents to fall into one pile and organize the space for Cutlery and food. The photo screen saver all clearly seen that in the stowed position is located freely inside the chest – in an orderly and compact.

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