IZHEVSK Izhevsk is widely known in Russia as one of the centers of the masters on the hardware and gunsmiths. And, in spite of “perestroika”, the city tries not to lose centuries of acquired knowledge and traditions and raise worthy successors. One of the enthusiasts of this noble cause — Ruslan V. Cherepnev, teacher of additional education of young technicians “planet”. Along with his students he developed and produced many original and useful designs that have repeatedly won prizes at Republican competitions of technical children’s clubs.


In the asset interesting designs “the Planets” — behind tractor (photo1) with a large set of hinged equipment. It is created using the motor “ZID-4,5” wheels from “Stupid”. The cultivator is designed for tillage of varying severity with a width of plowing up to 1.2 m, has a large range of speeds (6 forward and 6 back) and can be used also as a towing vehicle.
Designed by young technicians “Planet” and a mini-mokik on the basis of conventional children’s Bicycle (photo 2). Driven from the engine D-8 it can reach the speed of 60 km/h. the bike is reinforced with a frame and wheels: front — at the expense of increasing the number of spokes to 32 in adults, and the rear by replacing conventional spokes on the welded steel strip section 4×20 mm. engine Power increased to 3 HP due to the reduction of the combustion chamber and an additional valve at the inlet. The weight of the bike is 22 kg.
Another mini-mokik (photo 3) made using the motor from a chainsaw “Friendship” Lead (z=10) and driven (z=42) stars — from the motorbike.
The distinctive feature of three-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (photo 4) on low-pressure tires (from car ZIL-131) — use in powertrain drive wheelchair motorized wheelchairs with a separate chain drive to each wheel and the possibility of reversing.
For wheels used wheels from IZH-49, a homemade reinforced rims. Engine — “planet 5”, speeds of up to 60 km/hour weight — 120 kg.
And here is another example of a successful young inventors from “the Planets” — motor bike (photo 5) on the basis of sports “Tourist”. He modified the engine D-8 shifter on a 4 speed. “Cunning” star drive, mounted on the foot node, provides the ability to quickly switch foot pedal for motor drive without stopping traffic. Speed the bike up to 73 km/h.

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