KOLESNICA-SKYSCRAPEROur nature the four seasons and for each desirable “own” shoes: for autumn-spring thaw – one for winter the other for summer – the third. Yes, it is necessary that each family member would have all the necessary kit. In the end, recruited a considerable number of shoes that require its storage place. Yes no bulk in any box, and so that it was convenient to place and use.


All these requirements are meets offered by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” furniture column specifically designed for storing shoes. It takes up much less space than a conventional horizontal design, and holds up much better. This are the features of the device of boxes for shoes.

The base of the speaker consists of two side panels made of furniture Board or particle Board. The height and width of their chosen place, depending on where the hallway is supposed to set the column. Panels are inserted between the lid and bottom, the width of which is also dictated by the location column. The rear wall may serve as a sheet of thin plywood or hardboard. In the end, achieving the desired rigidity.

Connect the side panel with the cap and bottom plug-in round thorns, under which the combination of pre-drilled holes. Spikes lubricated with glue (furniture, PVA); to enter into their designated holes, they should fit with little effort. After Assembly, it will take some time to soak before the final adhesive.

“Boxes” under the shoes represent the l-shaped sections, which feature in the fact that they are not retractable, and rotatable,as if breaking out due to the fact that are mounted on short axles within the sidebar column.



Shoe column:

1 — side panel; 2 — false spikes; 3 — bottom panel speakers; 4 — axle shaft Shoe section; 5 — front panel of the Shoe sections; 6 — “handle”-hole; 7—axis; 8 — stops the rotation of the Shoe sections; 9—fencing section; 10 — the bottom part of a partition shelf; 11 — roof panel speakers

Each section consists of the front vertical panel, a horizontal bottom (actually a shelf) and the low back of the fence. Between themselves, they connect also plug-in round thorns on glue. The number of sections, and therefore, the height of their front panels will depend on the total height of the column, as well as the size placed in them shoes. As one of the possible options: the largest section located at the bottom of the column, and the above may be the same or descending order by height. Back panel fencing performs a supporting role: to give fall shoes inside the column when turning sections. In this regard, the size of its height may be small. It did not touch the rear wall of the column. For this we select the appropriate size bottom part of the panel. Some of the resulting gap will serve to improve ventilation inside the column. Serves the same purpose and replacement of handles with holes of large diameter.

In General, the section is better to make wide and not very deep — then use it will be more convenient.

The chart shows how to set and pivots the Shoe section. In the closed and open positions, the section is retained located within the respective areas of emphasis-mi-limiters, which can play the same false spikes, as used for joining the panels. But for axes it is desirable to use pieces of metal rod.

If for the manufacture of columns used furniture panel — ready design does not require special additional finishes, except for edges after a cutting shield. As for billets of DSP — they need to paint (after priming) on the basis of both aesthetic and hygienic requirements, since such panels without coatings emit harmful gases.

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